Movie Review: Wonder Woman

Has Wonder Woman set a new standard for the DC Expanded Universe? Henry Tran takes a look, and YOU can leave your own review!

Hooked On Bond: You Only Live Twice

Check out VOG's Newest Network Podcast, Hooked On Bond! Three Hosts but only one Bond... James Bond!

Girls Gone WoW Episode 271

How are the hosts of Girls Gone WoW filling time during the content lull before Patch 7.2.5? Guus joins the show to talk about surviving a content lull.
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It's time for San Diego Comic Con! While Shane and Spike weren't there, awesome sites like TokuNation were to give us all the details. This week, we also got change of venue for the next Power Morphicon, news on the next Sentai DVDs coming from Shout Factory, and like 57 stories wrapped up all at once in Kyuranger!

Podcast by RangerPRIDE - 7/25/2017 5:50 PM Comments (0)

This week, the Podcast Pirates discuss EVO 2017 and some related (and unrelated) news bits!

Podcast by Game Buoy - 7/25/2017 12:34 PM Comments (0)

The Critical Myth Crew concludes a discussion of the shows that they've been watching during our unexpected summer hiatus! Recorded 16 Jul 2017.
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Sorry about not getting the podcasts up - I just closed on a new house! And there might be some relevant buildouts happening in the basement... I picked up Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age anyway, and love it. The Oculus Rift's price has been permanently dropped, which either means that the cost of production has gone down or they're scared about their third place status in sales. Then we take calls about Forza, Star Trek: Bridge Crew, PlayStation VR modding, and the upcoming Tron ride at Disney World.

Podcast by The Bobby Blackwolf Show - 7/24/2017 6:44 AM Comments (0)

While San Diego Comic Con was happening, Pokemon Go Fest happened over the weekend in Chicago! The media is reporting a lot of issues with the event, but what was it really like on the ground? Our special guest Charles from the Pokemon Go Podcast gives us a report on what happened at the event. How did the event compare to the local play of catching legendaries though? What will the issues from this event possibly mean for the future of Niantic? We discuss. There's much more than Pokemon in the news this week however, as Atari is planning to launch an all new console. However, is this something we are getting excited about? Or this this too similar to ANOTHER atari retro product?

Podcast by Orange Lounge Radio - 7/24/2017 2:31 AM Comments (1)

Questionable content is always the hallmark of anime, and that continues to be true with an anime-style game Pandalicious discusses in this week's new podcast. The game's called Gal*Gun: Double Peace, and although it has a normal-sounding name, you should be made aware of the thing's sexual content well before trying it out. This is something you want to get acquainted with in the privacy of your own home -- not at a party with friends. If you want to know more, you'll get an earful via Panda's description, so we'll leave it at that. There's plenty of normal stuff […] The post ESH Cast #546: If you think it’s inappropriate, it could have been worse appeared first on ESH - ElectricSistaHood.

Podcast by ElectricSistaHood - 7/23/2017 11:14 PM Comments (0)

Will we get a big ST: Disc reveal?!   We’ll Explain.  Also, will we learn why the ST: Disc Klingons look like they got botched botox.  And, let’s talk about art, baby! Finally, our crew returns from this week’s away mission where Kira gets one hell of a makeover, and has some daddy issues. All this and more, on the Starboard Power Coupling Podcast - a Star Trek Podcast you hope doesn’t fail.

Podcast by Starboard Power Coupling - 7/20/2017 4:30 PM Comments (0)

The saga of Clementine continues in this latest installment on the Walking Dead videogame series, although she is no longer the focus of the story. Instead the story centers on a Hispanic family who is always traveling on the road. But after time fro playing the other two series, this installment might be an indicator that Telltale might not be able to keep going much longer.

Review by Eric Kelly - 7/16/2017 4:10 PM Comments (0)

I'm going to say this straight away: I love this movie. Given the turbulent history of the DC Expanded Universe (DCEU) since the release of Man of Steel in 2013, there was the overwhelming concern that it could not get things going with any of its films. In effect, the DCEU has been flailing in the dark, while "rival" comics giant Marvel keeps churning out hit after hit. Wonder Woman can now at least make the claim of being the first universally beloved DC superhero film since 2008's The Dark Knight.

Review by Henry Tran - 6/8/2017 10:40 PM Comments (0)

There are 2D and 3D platformers out there to play to your heart's content, but no one seems to care about the discarded middle. That's where Snake Pass comes in. Modeled like a 3D platformer, but Sumo Digital has decided to eschew the actual gameplay of a 3D platformer. Instead, you take on a role in which one of the main elements of platforming is missing. Namely, the ability to jump. What follows is something that feels more like QWOP or Octodad. This approach leads to an interesting and fun game, despite the challenges of a setup where you'll be fighting the learning curve of the mechanics paired with a troublesome camera.

Review by Eric Kelly - 5/17/2017 8:55 AM Comments (0)