British Invaders Celebrates 50 Years of UFO!

Gerry Anderson's Live Action UFO turned 50 years old this week. Take a look back with British Invaders!

VOG Roundtable: Playstation 5 Price, Date, and Games Announcement reactions!

FFXVI was one of many surprised revealed with the Playstation 5 price and date. We gather some gamers together to discuss reaction to Sony's big reveal!

Tommy Tallarico of Intellivision Entertainment Visits Bobby Blackwolf!

Tommy Tallarico joins Bobby Blackwolf LIVE to talk all about the Intellivision Amico!
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Netflix hits up with a new Castlevania  series, along with updates on Shaman King and Edens Zero! Kanno Yoko composes music for live action Cowboy Bebop, AnimeLab rebrands, and a new TRANSFORMERS AR game, and Rumiko Takahashi explains why her characts can't say "I Love You". Meanwhile in Japan, wood distilled alcohol, stolen hydrangeas, and raise your own Godzilla? --- Support this podcast:

Podcast by Anime Jam Session - 6/15/2021 8:56 PM Comments (0)

Reminder - I'm doing two hosting shifts at Summer Games Done Quick 2021 from July 4-11! Lots of games came out this week, and I give my thoughts on three of them - Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Episode INTERmission, Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart (super early), and Game Builder Garage. E3 only approved 100 content creators to costream their event out of over 1000 applicants - and warned those who were not selected to NOT create content that includes E3 broadcasts. Luckily, not everything was run by E3, so we talk about the Summer Games Fest Kickoff, the Xbox Showcase, and the Square Enix Showcase.

Podcast by The Bobby Blackwolf Show - 6/15/2021 5:45 PM Comments (2)

It's not just E3 week, but more digital events this year round out a very full week of game announcements. Our hosts and live audience react to the digital events of the week and much more!

Podcast by Orange Lounge Radio - 6/14/2021 1:54 AM Comments (0)

Little Lost Robot is the only surviving episode of ITV’s 1962 anthology series Out of this World. A robot with a modified version of one of the three laws of robotics is missing. What damage could it cause if it escapes? Dr. Susan Calvin must find this robot in a group of nearly identical robots. […]

Podcast by British Invaders - 6/13/2021 7:37 AM Comments (0)

Summer Games Done Quick 2021 hosting assignments have come out, and I've got an (extremely) early morning block but I also will be hosting THE EVENT FINALE. Sierra On-Line cofounders Ken and Roberta Williams are returning to gaming...kind of, and probably not for long. Sony has announced that Horizon Forbidden West is not a PS5 exclusive, but will also be on PS4, albeit with some graphical downgrades. Also announced is that Gran Turismo 7 and the next God of War will ALSO release on the PS4. There was a report that a bug video montage was made at CD Projekt Red at the end of Cyberpunk 2077's development. It's really not a big deal, because everyone does it. Then we talk to OLR about Arcade1up leaks coming true and the No Man's Sky Prism update.

Podcast by The Bobby Blackwolf Show - 6/8/2021 11:28 PM Comments (0)

Otakon doesn't require vaccination cards, Rumiko Takahashi is on Twitter and her staff reaches out to fans, and a Tokyo sake store recreates Misato's room from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Also, the latest Sailor Moon fan meet will be streamed visually and we get visuals on the upcoming musical! Seiko releases 30th anniversary Sonic The Hedgehog watch and find an official Fruits Basket island in Animal Crossing! Meanwhile in Japan, a hotel converted to an airsoft arena, disgruntled man arrested for spitting in front of the same store repeatedly, and a police chief is arrested for stealing toilet paper? --- Support this podcast:

Podcast by Anime Jam Session - 6/8/2021 8:54 PM Comments (0)

We catch up from a quick week of with discussion on events we missed such as the Dragon Quest XII announcement, as well as news that there won't be an in person Blizzcon this year. E3 2021 and SummerGamesFest are getting underway in the upcoming weeks, and we recap the schedule to look forward to, as by the time next week's show rolls around, we will have some new Bethesda and Xbox games to look forward to!!

Podcast by Orange Lounge Radio - 6/7/2021 1:48 AM Comments (0)

Otakon news! Also, a young boy sells his Pokémon cards to pay for puppy's surgery, upcoming DiGi Charat news, InuYasha/Yashahime real escape game, and a woman is arrested for sending threats to WIT STUDIO,Inc. Plus, 7-ELEVEN Japan limits sales of Pokémon cards, Kyoto Animation - 京都アニメーション announces a Thank You with a music festival, and a new Lupin III anime series! Meanwhile in Japan, a cook shaves his head as an apology, cops shacking up in police box, and illegal maid café crackdown in Akihabara?! --- Support this podcast:

Podcast by Anime Jam Session - 6/1/2021 9:56 PM Comments (0)

Little Lost Robot is the only surviving episode of the 1962 anthology series Out of this World. A potentially dangerous robot has found its way into a group of nearly identical robots. Can Dr. Susan Calvin identify the rogue robot? The episode was adapted from a story by Isaac Asimov. Please send us your comments, […]

Podcast by British Invaders - 5/30/2021 12:29 PM Comments (0)

Pokemon GO announced some big changes this week, not only in how it will interface with Pokemon Home, but also in rolling back several changes that had been made to the game months ago due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Pokemon news didn't stop there though as we got announcements with the main series as well. Join Rob Roberts with Network Regulars Shad Starzyk, ssj100matt, and act_deft of the GFMcast for a discussion on all the latest in Pokemon news from this week.

VOG Roundtable by Rob Roberts - 10/1/2020 7:35 PM Comments (0)