Game Review: The Walking Dead: Michonne Full Season (PC) by Eric Kelly

How does this spin-off game in the Walking Dead series compare to the critically acclaimed first two games? Eric K. takes a look.

Flaco's 2016 Summer Movie Preview - Part 1

From Memorial Day to 4th of July, it's a good time to see a movie. Flaco Jones wants to know what YOU are most excited to see!

Tesla Model S Road Trip To MAGFest 2016

Bobby Blackwolf drove his Tesla Model S 70D from Atlanta, GA to National Harbor, MD, and we've just released his road trip diary!

Video Interviews From MAGFest 2016

Bobby Blackwolf and Rob Roberts descended upon MAGFest with a camera and microphone and interviewed some indie game creators.

Preview: Ten Indie RPGs for 2016 by Dungeonbuster

Dungeonbuster previews Ten Indie RPGs planned for release this year, and analyzes the Kickstarter campaigns of many of them.
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On tonight's show, we talk about Gundams and Airsoft guns, Microsoft gives away season 1 of Dragon Ball Z, VIZ Media streams Sailor Moon in Canada, and new kinda Evangelion lingerie. Also, streams new Crayon Shin-chan, and Legendary pushes ahead with live action Pokémon film! And on tonight's Open Forum Topic, we ask you, who is your favorite Dragon Ball Z character! Wrapping things up in Strange News From Japan, a man is arrested for theft while wearing a bunny suit, laws in Japan could ban Pokémon GO, and an Airman is arrested for filming upskirts.

Podcast by Anime Jam Session - 7/23/2016 12:39 AM Comments (0)

The Critical Myth Crew begins the episodic discussion for the week ending 05 Jul! Recorded 09 Jul 2016. Topics include: Wayward Pines Cleverman season finale Powers The Musketeers And much more! Listen to Critical Myth on VOG Network! Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (7PM Eastern/4PM Pacific), with an encore marathon on Saturdays (12PM Eastern/9AM Pacific). End "credits" by Ken Spassione, Jr. as "The Professor". The podcast is on iTunes, and you can add this feed to the client of your choice:  Want to leave some feedback? You can leave a comment here on the site or our Facebook page, or you can also record your comment and send it to us by E-mail at

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It's the Spike and Dan show this week, since Shane is getting prepped to move to a new city! Join them as they discuss what may be our last batch of Power Morphicon guest announcements and begin the trip through the crazy show that is Akibaranger! As always, we welcome your emails and tweets to give us your feedback! Email: Twitter: Facebook: VOG: new episodes premiering Wednesdays at 7pm PST, encores on Friday at 9am PST You can also find us on iTunes and Google Play Music!

Podcast by RangerPRIDE - 7/22/2016 11:03 AM Comments (0)

Netflix for Everyone, except you?! We’ll explain.  There will be a 4th trek through the stars!  And with that new movie, how will they deal with one young lost actor?  We’re thrilled to have Hasteur, our Zakdorn ambassador join us for some Star Trek Beyond predictions   Finally, our crew returns from this week’s away mission where we get a lot of singing officers and the bridge crew plays sad video games on the viewscreen. All this and more, on the Starboard Power Coupling Podcast - a Star Trek Podcast you hope doesn’t fail.

Podcast by Starboard Power Coupling - 7/21/2016 4:30 PM Comments (0)

Since our last broadcast, the Summer Games Done Quick marathon ended (including my donation) and EVO has started up and was broadcast on ESPN2 later that evening. I try to start a rumor that the Nintendo NX was really just a mini NES all along, but nobody bought it. The NES Classic Edition will be out in November with 30 games. Pokemon Go is out and has been a bigger cultural sensation than anybody realizes - and even though the mainstream media has been negative, it has been an overall net positive for civilization. Then we take calls about the Gear VR, FandomFest (where I'll be in two weeks!), and Pokemon Go.

Podcast by The Bobby Blackwolf Show - 7/20/2016 5:31 PM Comments (2)

This week, Spike, Slagkick, and Sulker discuss the phenomenon that is Pokémon Go! The trainers look at the early days of Niantic Labs, the development of Ingress, and the April Fools joke in collaboration with Satoru Iwata and Tsunekazu Ishihara – all culminating in the recent release of the highly anticipated Pokémon Go! The title has become a gaming and pop culture sensation, and the trainers discuss their experiences with the game so far, as well as how they would like to see it grow, and how it may draw new audiences for Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Podcast by Game Buoy - 7/19/2016 10:21 AM Comments (0)

Given that it's the Dog Days of Summer, it's relevant that we do a clip show featuring a topic we've mentioned frequently: The high price of hot dogs. What is that? You say that hot dogs aren't expensive? But they are -- if you buy them at an event like E3 or PAX East. Hot dogs -- and everything else -- at events are much too expensive. And it is that dichotomy that people like Pandalicious often revolt against. So it's topics like that that show up on clip shows like this. In fact, food shows up over and over […] The post ESH Cast #495: A Hot Dog Makes Her Lose Control appeared first on ESH - ElectricSistaHood.

Podcast by ElectricSistaHood - 7/18/2016 2:53 PM Comments (0)

While the rest of the world waits for Season Three of The Walking Dead game series, Telltale Games wanted to do an experiment with a three episode mini-series featuring Michonne from the comic series. The end result tries to give the player insight to this character, but its does very little with the limited amount of time it has to do so. This ultimately makes for a weaker experience.

Review by Eric Kelly - 6/3/2016 8:06 AM Comments (0)

Summer movie season is here, where every release is huge and the competition ramps up each week. It’s also a season of familiarity, and the first half of this summer is just that. Two movies are based on video games, the rest are sequels. Early summer just isn’t the time Hollywood takes risks on movies that aren’t based on existing materials.

Preview by Flaco Jones - 5/26/2016 8:14 AM Comments (6)

While Atlus and Sega have their own visual novel character fighting game, It was only a matter of time before Nitroplus characters would get their own. Much like those other games, it also proves that you don't need to know these properties to give someone a beat down and have a good time.

Review by Eric Kelly - 3/31/2016 9:22 AM Comments (0)