PodCulture Returns With A Megasode

The original PodCulture crew (Brad, Glenn, Christina, and Adam) are BACK in Episode 538 and 539 to talk about TV and Animal Crossing!

Tommy Tallarico of Intellivision Entertainment Visits Bobby Blackwolf!

Tommy Tallarico joins Bobby Blackwolf LIVE to talk all about the Intellivision Amico!

Bobby Blackwolf Builds the Arcade1up Star Wars Cabinet

Check out Bobby's first ever Arcade1up build and playthrough from Episode 682 of The Bobby Blackwolf Show, now on YouTube!

Anime Jam Session

DJ Ranma S, Makochan and Ari Rockerfeller bring you the latest on Anime, Conventions, Cosplay and MORE every week LIVE on Twitch!

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Halo Infinite confirms this week that it's online multiplayer will be free, no longer requiring Microsoft Gold. This will be great if the rumored Battle Royale mode turns out to be true. However in a topic that's come up many times on this program, is this a sign of the end of paying for multiplayer online with consoles? Also, the makers of Halo have responded to recent criticisms of what was shown at the Xbox Game Event. Is this sort of social media feedback a good thing for our industry, or harmful? We discuss all this and more!  

Podcast by Orange Lounge Radio - 8/3/2020 1:41 AM Comments (0)

The Xbox Games Showcase was this week, and there were actual gameplay reveals! But, does it signal that Xbox is bowing out of the "console wars" and going in a different direction? (Note: during the Xbox Showcase conversation, there was discussion about Tetris Effect Connected and it's lack of VR. I didn't realize at the time of recording that it was also going to be an update for the existing versions of Tetris Effect, so I can still play it in PSVR even though it's going to be on Xbox Game Pass.) At San Diego Comic-Com this weekend, the G4 Television Network announced that they will be returning in 2021 - we have some theories as to where. Then we talk to OLR about G4 and Game Pass.

Podcast by The Bobby Blackwolf Show - 8/2/2020 11:15 AM Comments (1)

Kicking things off with Ranma's Hot Take on Butch Hartman's commissioned drawing of Girl Type Ranma Saotome! Plus more on Sonic The Hedgehog movie, possible horror game between Hideo Kojima (小島秀夫 and Junji Ito? Also, Hideo Kojima judges in the Venice Film Festival, Attack on Titan promotion with sake, Shining Moon Tokyo - Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon cafe closes, and limited edition Gundarium Mobile Suit Gundam kits go on sale! Meanwhile in Japan, one man arrested for spreading false idol rumors, another is arrested for writing on public toilets, and a university member busted for printing porn collection at work?! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/animejamsession/support

Podcast by Anime Jam Session - 7/28/2020 8:47 PM Comments (0)

This week we had some exciting new game announcements from Microsoft as they showed off what's coming soon from Microsoft Studios and related partners. However, was this an ad to help sell Xbox Series X, or an ad for Microsoft Game Pass? We discuss this, and also tackle the question of what next gen gaming really is anymore. As games have almost hit the limit of what can be done graphically, what really marks a shift in a gaming generation? We tackle this big question and many more on this weeks show!

Podcast by Orange Lounge Radio - 7/27/2020 1:38 AM Comments (0)

Solid Geometry was a 2002 short film for television that dealt obsession, mathematics and a theory that could change the world. Please send us your comments, questions, requests and complaints. You can reach us at britishinvaders@gmail.com, and you can find us on the British Invaders Facebook Group. British Invaders is an audio podcast that discusses […]

Podcast by British Invaders - 7/26/2020 1:00 AM Comments (0)

We first celebrate the fact that we've been on the air for almost 15 years, but really there's not much celebration. Comments from a previous episode are shared about if games should cater to everyone and if you need to play every AAA title. LEGO is releasing a $230 kit that has a NES and TV with a rotating World 1-1, and I want it. Metacritic is asking you to wait 36 hours after release before submitting a user review for a game. Microsoft has discontinued the manufacturing of the Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. Microsoft has also discontinued the digital sale of 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. Then we talk to OLR about all these discontinuing and the possibility of online play being free on the Xbox ecosystem.

Podcast by The Bobby Blackwolf Show - 7/24/2020 10:19 AM Comments (3)

Usagi Yojimbo comes to Netflix! Also, new Love Live series is titled, man arrested for threatening Kodansha staff, Kamen rider Zero One gets anime spinoff! Plus new Cardcaptor Sakura puzzle game, and the dub cast is announced for CG Lupin The 3rd! Meanwhile in Japan, Update on obscenity charge on vagina kayak, voice actress ASMR fart, and another voice actress announces marriage and her fans throw her stuff out?! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/animejamsession/support

Podcast by Anime Jam Session - 7/21/2020 8:49 PM Comments (0)

This week will be a big week for Microsoft and Xbox as we expect some game announcements on July 23rd, however there's some big movement happening in advance of this date. Could something one of our hosts suggested years ago as a big move Microsoft could make be finally happening? We will find out soon! Also, with Nintendo getting an official Lego set, and Sony set to ramp up Playstation 5 production, there's gaming news for everyone this week!

Podcast by Orange Lounge Radio - 7/20/2020 3:30 AM Comments (0)

I contributed a video to the Virtual Southern-Fried Gaming Expo about how we used to play pinball at home before people could bring actual pinball tables home. Dragon Con has finally been cancelled 60 days out of the convention. There will be a virtual event in its place. Sony has made a strategic financial investment in Epic Games, further cementing their relationship with the Unreal Engine technology for both games and movies. A chat on our Discord about The Last Of Us Part II spurned a discussion on if games need to cater to everyone, and why the terms "play" and "game" might be holding back the medium. Then we take calls about video game pinball turning real, and the possibility of travelling in a year or two.

Podcast by The Bobby Blackwolf Show - 7/17/2020 12:17 PM Comments (1)

The Voice of Geeks Network is excited to announce that we are moving our live programming from internet radio to Twitch, which means an added element of video to our broadcasts as well as enhanced discoverability so others can join the community you all have enjoyed over the years. We will be starting this conversion on Sunday, December 16, 2018, with the first live video airings of The Bobby Blackwolf Show and Orange Lounge Radio

Announcement by Bobby Blackwolf - 12/15/2018 3:18 PM Comments (3)