Flaco's 2014 Fall Movie Preview

Flaco takes a look at the movies coming out this fall. Be sure to vote on what YOU are looking forward to most!

Game Review: Hatoful Boyfriend by Jamie Summers

Pigeon... Dating... Sim? Orange Lounge Radio's DarkSakura reviews this unique PC title. Will our participants agree...?

Under Sedation Live reviews DragonCon

VOGNetwork was at DragonCon in full force this year, and our networks very own Shepard Lantern reviews the good, the bad, and the ugly of the con.

TV Reviews by Critical Myth

Checking out the new season of the Doctor? Catching up on TV before the fall season? Check out the latest TV reviews by Critical Myth and have YOUR say too!

Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

Critical Myth's Henry T. takes a look at the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Will our readers agree? Don't forget to leave YOUR review!
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After a velvety welcome from Adrian Paul, we welcome you back to PodCulture!! Brad thanks Rob and Bobby from The Bobby Blackwolf Show and Orange Lounge Radio (also Voice of Geeks Network shows )for representing PodCulture at the Parsec Awards, even [...]

Podcast by PodCulture - 9/18/2014 11:26 PM Comments (0)

After a packed summer movie season, a void in the early fall was to be expected. The fall season isn’t the biggest time of year for geek-centric film, but things do start to ramp up mid-October with some interesting smaller releases. This preview will cover all the way up until the beginning of the holiday movie season in late November when the real heavy hitters start showing up.

Preview by Flaco Jones - 9/18/2014 11:11 PM Comments (1)

This week, the hosts discuss the upcoming voices for the new Tenchi Muyo anime, Ai Tenchi Muyo! Nakayoshi magazine re-releases of the Clow Cards from Card Captor Sakura, the top ten anime guys (Avalon Cosplay and Mako-chan will fire off on that), and free NYCC deodorant and spray! And in our Open Forum Topic... We ask, "What is that one cosplay you want to do?" And in News from Japan, the Blackburger from Burger King, Masamune's sword discovered, and who is the Chibatman? And DJ Ranma S explodes on a highly controversial topic!

Podcast by Anime Jam Session - 9/18/2014 10:01 PM Comments (0)

Describe this wine, as if it were a podcast...  We’ll explain.  Also, we get updates on two new Star Trek games.  A follow up becomes available for one comic, while a new comic series fills “the Abrams gap.” And finally, our crew returns from this week’s away mission where an alien boards Kirk’s Enterprise, with a salty surprise!   All this, and more: on the Starboard Power Coupling Podcast - A Star Trek Podcast you hope doesn’t fail.

Podcast by Starboard Power Coupling - 9/18/2014 4:30 PM Comments (0)

The Critical Myth Crew runs through some of the genre news of the past week, takes aim at Doctor Who (spoilers through 8.3), tries to find safe harbor with The Last Ship (spoilers through 1.10), and goes nuclear with Manhattan (spoilers through 1.6)!  Recorded 13 Sep 2014.Listen to Critical Myth on VOG Network! Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (7PM Eastern/4PM Pacific), with an encore marathon on Saturdays (12PM Eastern/9AM Pacific).Opening teaser and end "credits" by Ken Spassione, Jr. as "The Professor".The podcast is on iTunes, and you can add this feed to the client of your choice: http://criticalmyth.podbean.com/feed/ Want to leave some feedback? You can leave a comment here on the site or our Facebook page, or you can also record your comment and send it to us by E-mail at feedback@criticalmyth.com. 

Podcast by Critical Myth - 9/18/2014 6:52 AM Comments (0)

Grandpa and Rob are by themselves this week to watch Grandpa drink more, and more, and more, and offer some… uncensored commentary on this weeks news. This includes a not-so popular implementation patch of personal housing in the latest patch for Final Fantasy XIV. Our hosts get into a lively discussion as well about the great name purge coming to World of Warcraft. Is this a good thing? Could there be a very strong impact to a small group? Will Grandpa be able to subtract four from fourteen correctly? Find out on this week’s show!

Podcast by Horde House - 9/17/2014 9:20 PM Comments (0)

It's been a heck of a week for gaming! Between hours of Bungie's Destiny and the Boston Festival of Indie Games, we're tired as hell...but in a good way. We are all about games in this podcast. From triple-a video games (a la Destiny) to indies and even tabletop, the we go cards, cartridges, and megabytes deep with our hands-on experiences with a bunch of great games. Pandalicious talks about her day with indie game developers at the 2014 BFIG event while NinJaSistah talks the fun that is Destiny. (And if she had to give it a number rating, why […]

Podcast by ElectricSistaHood - 9/17/2014 7:22 PM Comments (0)

Destiny is finally out and is worth the hype? TV Critics have spoken and have named this new genre show as the “Most Promising New Show”. Does this mean an instant death for it? RDJ talks about Iron Man 4. Are we nearing Superhero overload on TV and Movies? And some more fallout from DragonCon.

Podcast by Under Sedation Live! - 9/16/2014 8:37 AM Comments (0)

...This was a fan translation of a 2011 otome visual novel that came out for Windows and OS X by manga artist Hato Moa's doujin circle, PidgeoNation Inc. Originally, it was a Flash Game created on April Fools' Day in 2011, and, it grew from there, since spawning other versions and publications. When I first played it, I didn't get far. Now that it has an official HD release and English translation, I decided to give it another go...

Review by Jamie Summers - 9/14/2014 10:15 AM Comments (0)

It's that time of year again - DRAGON CON in Atlanta! This is as close to VOGCon as you'll get, and we're pleased to announce that MANY of our VOG Network hosts will be participating in an official capacity at this year's show. We've put together a list of ALL of our appearances, but I'm sure you'll find us wandering around at other times...

Announcement by Bobby Blackwolf - 8/26/2014 5:27 PM Comments (5)