Movie Review: Wonder Woman

Has Wonder Woman set a new standard for the DC Expanded Universe? Henry Tran takes a look, and YOU can leave your own review!

Hooked On Bond: You Only Live Twice

Check out VOG's Newest Network Podcast, Hooked On Bond! Three Hosts but only one Bond... James Bond!

Girls Gone WoW Episode 271

How are the hosts of Girls Gone WoW filling time during the content lull before Patch 7.2.5? Guus joins the show to talk about surviving a content lull.
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The Critical Myth Crew covers the episodic discussion for the week ending 13 Jun! Recorded 18 Jun 2017.

Topics include:

Doctor Who
Twin Peaks
Dark Matter
Orphan Black
Better Call Saul
American Gods

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Podcast by Critical Myth - 6/26/2017 12:16 PM Comments (0)

We pose a valid question in this week's show. How, exactly, are they able to make scary scarier? Of course, we don't answer the question -- we're leaving that all up to you. Instead, we spend considerable time talking about the upcoming game Evil Within 2. With a name like that, it is vital that the sequel end up being scarier than the original. The sequel has to try to be more than its earlier chapter, right? And whether or not you agree with Panda's take on the subject, she freely and openly offers it up -- you have to […] The post ESH Cast #542: How do they make scary scarier? appeared first on ESH - ElectricSistaHood.

Podcast by ElectricSistaHood - 6/25/2017 8:25 PM Comments (0)

Well swapped out Saturday for Sunday and Tre for Simon F but we did do you a show. All about patch 7.2.5. So…here it is! You can find Simon on Twitter @simonfr. Next week: We…need a guest. Download the show

Podcast by Girls Gone WoW - 6/25/2017 12:32 AM Comments (0)

You know it's a slow week when Shane starts to make connections between gay movies and Power Rangers. Or, honestly, that could really describe even a busy week. On this week's show, Shane and Spike find out some *awesome* news about a local convention, discuss the new patch to Legacy wars, and welcome the news of Ninja Steel's return date. Also, when discussing episodes 14 and 15 of Kyuranger, one of our hosts is as dumb as Stinger and the other is as smart as Champ. Tune in to find out which is which! As always, we welcome your emails and tweets to give us your feedback! Email: Twitter: Facebook: VOG: on Wednesdays at 7pm PT and Fridays at 9am PT You can also find us on iTunes and Google Play Music! Episodes discussed this week: Kyuranger 15 + 16

Podcast by RangerPRIDE - 6/24/2017 7:25 PM Comments (0)

E3 2017 is now behind us, and we talk about some of the things mentioned in the show, from new VR titles to how E3 handled being open to the public for the first time ever (no matter what urban legend you believe about it being open to the public before!) We also talk about some of the controversy regarding console crossplay for Minecraft and Rocket League, and why Sony may not be playing ball. Then we wish Orange Lounge Radio a very happy 15th anniversary because LOL THEY'RE OLD.

Podcast by The Bobby Blackwolf Show - 6/23/2017 11:31 PM Comments (0)

On tonight's show, The Slants win their trademark battle! Also, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure real escape game, and info on Attack on Titan Season 3! A new Nissin Cup Noodles commercial featuring Kiki's Delivery Service, updates for Pokémon GO, Godzilla sequels, and a Japanese hip-hop group at 82 years old? And in Strange News From Japan, man arrested for obscenity from a dojin, animated ピコ太郎 - PIKOTARO, and scratch and sniff dog and cat bellies?

Podcast by Anime Jam Session - 6/22/2017 9:15 AM Comments (0)

This week, Captain Spike and First Mate Slagkick discuss E3 2017! They cover what was shown at each of the major press conferences, their thoughts on each conference, and the highlights and lowlights of the show.

Podcast by Game Buoy - 6/20/2017 7:16 PM Comments (0)

I'm going to say this straight away: I love this movie. Given the turbulent history of the DC Expanded Universe (DCEU) since the release of Man of Steel in 2013, there was the overwhelming concern that it could not get things going with any of its films. In effect, the DCEU has been flailing in the dark, while "rival" comics giant Marvel keeps churning out hit after hit. Wonder Woman can now at least make the claim of being the first universally beloved DC superhero film since 2008's The Dark Knight.

Review by Henry Tran - 6/8/2017 10:40 PM Comments (0)

There are 2D and 3D platformers out there to play to your heart's content, but no one seems to care about the discarded middle. That's where Snake Pass comes in. Modeled like a 3D platformer, but Sumo Digital has decided to eschew the actual gameplay of a 3D platformer. Instead, you take on a role in which one of the main elements of platforming is missing. Namely, the ability to jump. What follows is something that feels more like QWOP or Octodad. This approach leads to an interesting and fun game, despite the challenges of a setup where you'll be fighting the learning curve of the mechanics paired with a troublesome camera.

Review by Eric Kelly - 5/17/2017 8:55 AM Comments (0)

I did a preview of this game awhile back, and now that I've found the time to give Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King a full review. It's a Zelda clone action-RPG, but with loads of cuteness attached to it in the form of The Princess Bride style commentary. That's a feature that helps this game stand out from your typical Zelda clones.

Review by Eric Kelly - 5/4/2017 10:43 AM Comments (0)