E3 2013 - June 11-13, 2013

E3 2013

Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013

Los Angeles Convention Center

June 11-13, 2013

We don't want to be the FIRST place you go to find the latest E3 news and scoops...

...We want to be the SECOND.

Have you ever read a preview at a large gaming site about a game you're excited about, and you have a question that wasn't answered? Have the quick overviews left you wanting to know more specific details, but were missed because the reporter had to move to another appointment?

Have you ever wished you could ask those questions yourself?

Now you can.

We'll admit it - we don't have the capability to be the all-encompassing news source that provides up-to-the-minute coverage of a large trade show like E3, so we won't try to do that. What we CAN do is be the FOLLOWUP to those other sites doing the all-encompassing coverage. Bobby Blackwolf will be on the E3 show floor and will be connected to VOG and will be at your command to ask whatever followup question or clarification you may have.

We can't guarantee answers - sometimes there will be no comment, sometimes we might not be able to find someone who knows the answer...But, we'll try.

THE CATCH: We're your second source for the news, not the first. This means that it's up to you to do some initial research. We're on the show floor with limited connectivity, you're sitting at home on your computer. You'll have to determine which booth the game you're asking about is in (use Google!), find that booth on our site, and ask your question attached to that booth. If your question is good or great, you'll get Points and Loot here at VOG! (If it sucks, you get nothing.)

Throughout the week, you'll also be able to leave comments on a booth, and view images uploaded from the show floor. So, pick a hall to start your journey, or check out the latest updates below!

(Note: For the purposes of our interface, the OUYA Parking Lot booth is located in the Concourse Level.)

The ability to ask questions and leave comments will become available after the Sony Press Conference on Monday night, and will continue until one hour before the exhibit halls close on Thursday.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I just leave a generic question?

Conventions and trade shows are huge, and in order to be efficient in covering them with a small staff, we need to be able to plan out where we're going. We also don't have as much information on the show floor as you do, so it would take us much longer to figure out where to go to ask your question.

Why wasn't my question answered?

There could be a variety of reasons, and we have the ability to provide some of them. Sometimes, the question is not applicable to that booth. Other times, we are unable to get a comment from anyone in the booth, either by them not making themselves available to us, or they just simply dodge the question.

Why are some questions "Great" and others "Good"?

This is totally at the judgment of the person answering the question. If a question is very specific and detailed, it will be deemed a "great" question. If it's a generic question, it will be deemed "good". The only difference is that "great" questions will appear earlier on the page, and they receive more Points than "good" questions.

My feelings are hurt!

So try to be detailed!

What's the difference between Questions and Comments?

Comments are for you to talk amongst yourselves - sometimes you may have more info or just want to share your thoughts about their E3 showing. This works like all of the other comment sections on our site. The thing to note, though, is that the mobile interface we're using on the show floor will NOT show us these comments, so we won't see them until later. The only way to ask a question of someone AT the show is to use the question feature.

How many questions can I ask?

You can leave as many as you want, but abuse of the system will result in being banned.

Why are some booths red?

If a booth is colored red on the map, that means that there is no more time to ask questions. This is usually because we have scheduled an appointment in that booth, so all questions must be asked before we begin that appointment. You can see the time of our appointment either by hovering over the booth on the map or by looking at that booth's page. Booths that have upcoming appointments are colored purple.

What time zone are those appointments in?

Our site automatically determines your local timezone and adjusts all of our shown times according to what your computer is set to.

What ARE the colors?

  • No Color: No activity
  • Green: Booth activity from show floor (updates or answered questions)
  • Yellow: Questions have been asked, but none have been answered
  • Purple: There is an upcoming appointment in this booth
  • Red: There was an appointment in this booth that has passed, no new questions can be asked