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Welcome to Under Sedation LIVE(USL for short)with your hosts Travis Donovan and Jessica Harper. USL takes a weekly look back at the geek news of the world. And adds a unique take with offbeat humor and commentary. Tune in LIVE Saturday @ 11pm(EST) only at vognetwork.com

It’s the first show of 2015 and it starts out by exploding out both ends. Will Batman vs. Superman get split into to movies? Probably not but it’s still a cool idea. Travis finally figures out what’s wrong with JJ Abrams. And much more to kick off the New Year.

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It’s the LAST USL….of 2014. And it’s ends well thanks to North Korea and Sony. Plus is Syfy back on track with “Ascension”? Travis doesn’t think so.

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Destiny is finally out and is worth the hype? TV Critics have spoken and have named this new genre show as the “Most Promising New Show”. Does this mean an instant death for it? RDJ talks about Iron Man 4. Are we nearing Superhero overload on TV and Movies? And some more fallout from DragonCon.

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It’s the post DragonCon wrap up show. Hear what Travis thought of this years Con. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Can DragonCon be fixed?

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It’s the show before Dragon*Con. Disney is mapping out a decades worth of Star Wars. First 13th Doctor impressions(opening titles review). Star Trek Kickstarter curb stomps JJ’s vision. And much more… **Passphrase Checkin available on the podcast and YouTube. Go to VOGnetwork.com to checkin**

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News that Babylon 5 may be coming back. Guardians of the Galaxy is reviewed. Don’t mess with IT professionals. And a discussion about the new TMNT movie escalates quickly. *VOGNetwork.com passphrase for check-in is now available on the podcast and TheYoutube recording. So you can now listen or watch and still receive passphrase check-in points.*

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On this Episode: SDCC news recap and how we can’t have a Con without NERD RAGE. Ebola in Atlanta makes the perfect setup for a SyFy Movie of the week. Why “Sharknado” and it’s sequel ARE NOT CULT CLASSICS!!! Weird Al gets some Billboard lovin’. *VOGNetwork.com PassPhrase check in available on this episode on the podcast and THE YouTube feeds. For YouTube viewers just watch for the annotation with the phrase. It will pop up in either part 1 or 2.*

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Show opens with the Ball Pit of VOG, which quickly breaks everything. Travis gives an important PSA on the dangers of cosplay costume making. What is the big deal with Thor becoming a woman? None actually except the name. Part 2 just gets “Tacky” *VOGNetwork.com Passphrase is available now on the podcast and the YouTube recordings.*

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USL is back for hiatus and it’s a rant filled return at that. But we catch up on the time off first. Then “Crowdfunding” is out of control and hurting serious campaigns. Oh and Ranma(Anime Jam Session) calls in and is angry(shocker).

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Titanfall officially lands and Travis gives more love to it. But no love to Microsoft’s brilliant plan of digital download. Jess learns old people make up is no fun. Is the new take on “Cosmos” worth the watch? Marvel has its pick to go against Superman vs. Batman. How a one way trip to Mars is illegal for a select group of humans. And why the logic behind it is very flawed and just stupid.

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