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Bobby Blackwolf and Rob Roberts sit down to talk about this year's DragonCon which happened in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend. How great was the cosplay? What were some things that were even better than prior years? What were some things that weren't so great that should have stayed in a focus group? We talk about all this, give our 2024 suggestions from our perspectives, and much more!

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The Voice of Geeks Network is excited to announce that we are moving our live programming from internet radio to Twitch, which means an added element of video to our broadcasts as well as enhanced discoverability so others can join the community you all have enjoyed over the years. We will be starting this conversion on Sunday, December 16, 2018, with the first live video airings of The Bobby Blackwolf Show and Orange Lounge Radio

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It's that special time of year! Summer is almost over... Pumpkin Spice Lattes are just about in season again, and one of the biggest geek culture conventions in the country is about to decend upon Atlanta! It's DRAGONCON TIME! Although some come for the cosplay, some come for the raves, and others come for the petting zoo, there are many panels throughout the convention that aren't to be missed! DragonCon has many different programming "tracks" for hobbies like podcasting, British Television, Star Trek, Television, Video Gaming and MUCH more! Some of the voices of our shows here at the Voice of Geeks network will be attending DragonCon and participating in these tracks!

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It's time for our yearly pilgrimage to Atlanta and the crazy fun convention called DRAGONCON! VOGNetwork will be heavily represented at the con, with attendees from shows like British Invaders, Critical Myth, The Bobby Blackwolf Show, Under Sedation Live and Orange Lounge Radio!

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Obviously the geek community is feeling a tremendous loss this week with the passing of Leonard Nimoy, a truly classy man who made contributions to our community not just thru Star Trek but thru books, photography, charity work, video game voice acting and MORE.

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It's that time of year again - DRAGON CON in Atlanta! This is as close to VOGCon as you'll get, and we're pleased to announce that MANY of our VOG Network hosts will be participating in an official capacity at this year's show. We've put together a list of ALL of our appearances, but I'm sure you'll find us wandering around at other times...

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Dragon Con (note the lack of the star in the name) was founded in 1987 in Atlanta, Georgia, and is considered the "largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on Science Fiction & Fantasy, Gaming, Comics, Literature, Art, Music, and Film in the Universe!" It takes place across five hotels over Labor Day Weekend, and is a traditional pilgrimage for many. This year, the Voice of Geeks Network will have an official presence at Dragon Con, with many of our shows being represented in scheduled and unscheduled events around the convention.

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We don't want to be the FIRST place you go to find the latest E3 news and scoops...We want to be the SECOND. Have you ever read a preview at a large gaming site about a game you're excited about, and you have a question that wasn't answered? Have the quick overviews left you wanting to know more specific details, but were missed because the reporter had to move to another appointment? Have you ever wished you could ask those questions yourself? Now you can - at!

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The VOG Network has signed on to be an official Media Partner of this year's Southern Interactive Entertainment and Game Expo (SIEGE) taking place October 5-7, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia! Run by the Georgia Game Developers Association, SIEGE is an excellent first step for aspiring game designers and developers, as well as a melting pot of ideas and information to help further the games aspirations of those already in the industry.

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VOG is excited to announce a track preview event during the August 19th episodes of The Bobby Blackwolf Show and Orange Lounge Radio in conjunction with the new release of the Darksiders II Original Soundtrack composed by Jesper Kyd, and released by Sumthing Else Music Works!

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