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Orange Lounge Radio is a Video Game podcast dedicated to what gamers really want to know, and the gamer lifestyle. An independent voice in a crowded world of video game podcasts, Orange Lounge Radio is dedicated to giving a forum for every gamer to have their voice. Hosted live weekly for the past nine years by DarkSakura, skie and LOKI, Orange Lounge Radio gives listeners the opportunity to interact directly with the show and give their feedback on the hot topics in the gaming industry thru live call-ins, a chatroom, e-mail, twitter and more. Winner of a Podcast Award for Best Gaming Podcast. Nominated for three Best of Live 365 awards. Tapes live on Sunday nights on the VOG Network.

Sales Figures of the PlayStation 5 are in the press, and it turns out the PS5 isn't matching the sales numbers of the PS4. We talk about the possible reasons why there's a discrepancy, what makes the PS5 different from Playstations before it, and how it's all potentially having a trickle down effect on the industry that we are seeing now. Of course, there might be a game on the horizon to help really move sales of the PS5 (and Xbox Series as well). We talk about all this and much more in the week in video games, on another week of the longest running video game podcast, Orange Lounge Radio!

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We start this week with a major update that occurred not even 15 minutes after we got off the air last week on the Helldivers 2 story. Then we jump into the big news of the week out of Microsoft, and the stunning studio closures including Tango Gameworks, makers of the award nominated and winning Hi-Fi Rush. Why on earth would Microsoft close such a successful studio? We try to dig deep to figure out the reasons why, and take a closer look between the lines of some of the executive comments out of Microsoft.

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Sony finds themselves in some hot water with their fanbase, especially in certain countries this week. It was announced that Helldivers 2 on Steam will soon require a PlayStation Network account to log in, however PSN doesn't exist in all the countries where Steam has sold the game! This has led to some very negative reviews by the fanbase, putting a blemish on what has otherwise been a very well received game. We look at the options the fans might have beyond negative review posting. All this and much more in the news make up another week of the longest running video game podcast, Orange Lounge Radio!

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Rumors for the Nintendo Switch Successor console are heating up this week. Hardware maker related leaks were put on the internet, indicating that the Nintendo Switch 2 will have only moderate technical increases, which make the leaks even that more believable  to our hosts. Is it possible the new Nintendo Switch could even release this year? We analyze all the rumors, and talk about the rest of the week in gaming news. All this and much more on another week of the longest running video game podcast, Orange Lounge Radio!

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The servers for Littlebigplanet 3 unexpectedly went permanently offline this week, thanks to a group of punks who were trying to exploit the server. While jerk gamers are always going to exist, we take a moment to reflect on how sad it is that the many customized levels of this game will no longer be accessible. Of course, there was maintenance that started in January, and many people are just now finding out about this, so is it really as big of a deal as we all make it out to be this week? We still beg to have a Littlebigplanet 4 someday. All this and much more news round out another week of the longest running video game podcast now in four digits worth of episodes, Orange Lounge Radio!

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This Week, Orange Lounge Radio makes video game podcast history by broadcasting our one thousandth weekly episode live. We take some time at the top of the show to reflect on one thousand episodes and 22 years, and answer some "panel style" questions about what we've learned, and what we look forward to in the future. Thank you so much to all of our listeners, whether it's chatting live with us on Sunday, or lurking on the podcast feed, for being the fuel to our fire for ONE THOUSAND episodes. This historical episode in podcasting is for you. We don't ignore the gaming news and keep it moving on the one thousandth week of the longest running video game podcast, Orange Lounge Radio!

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A controversial patent filed by a streaming device and TV maker has the gaming community talking, as it might inject even more ads into our games whenever we put it on pause. We aren't really sure how this might work without fail anyway, as some consoles already do their own thing in pause mode. Is this a patent that a company might actually act on? Or will the pushback be too great? We discuss this and much more in the week of gaming news. All this on our last triple digit episode as we hit a milestone thousand episodes next week. Thank you all for keeping our show going and being the longest running video game podcast to date!

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Final Fantasy XIV released on Xbox Series this week, and while Rob took the opportunity to unlock some quick achievements, not every Xbox player has been so lucky. An overzealous algorhythm has allegedly been banning people unnecessarily, for behavior one would expect in an MMO. Is Xbox being too anal retentive with it's policy, or is this a downside of leaning too much into AI? We discuss this and much more in the news on another week of the longest running weekly video game podcast, Orange Lounge Radio!

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A radical shift in editorial content at one major gaming news website has caused the Editor in Chief to resign. We discuss this shift, and the potential reasons behind it, as well as the rise of guides in what people look for online. This also brings us to a talk on how we consume headlines altogether, including a bit of a tangent on some of the biggest headlines of our time. All this and more make up another week of the longest running video game podcast, Orange Lounge Radio!

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The gaming news seems to have slowed down a bit, but that doesn't stop us from tackling the headlines of the week, including a confirmed date for a show where will likely be lots of gaming news, Summer Game Fest. The creator of Summer Game Fest has finally broken a silence on the layoffs occurring in the industry, but are folks on social media holding him to an unrealistic standard? We discuss this and so much more on another week of the longest running podcast about video games, Orange Lounge Radio!

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