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Orange Lounge Radio is a Video Game podcast dedicated to what gamers really want to know, and the gamer lifestyle. An independent voice in a crowded world of video game podcasts, Orange Lounge Radio is dedicated to giving a forum for every gamer to have their voice. Hosted live weekly for the past nine years by DarkSakura, skie and LOKI, Orange Lounge Radio gives listeners the opportunity to interact directly with the show and give their feedback on the hot topics in the gaming industry thru live call-ins, a chatroom, e-mail, twitter and more. Winner of a Podcast Award for Best Gaming Podcast. Nominated for three Best of Live 365 awards. Tapes live on Sunday nights on the VOG Network.

Rumors were spread online this week that SquareEnix was considered for acquisition by other companies, but in a rare rebuke, SquareEnix has denied the story. Why would something like this be spread online? We discuss the issue and if someone was perhaps trying to manipulate the stock, especially in a day and age where more of us are getting into stock trading. We don't stop there though as there's plenty of news to get into for the week!

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Some interesting information is leaking out of Sony first party development companies, such as a popular game being remastered, and another well received one not getting a sequel. What does Sony's strategy seem to be for the next few years? We discuss this and our gaming weeks, which include a bit of an in depth discussion on Dead by Daylight and why this five year old game seems to be all the rage on Twitch right now.  

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A Playstation Studios created game is showing up on Xbox Game Pass on day one of it's release. However, is this a decision by Sony to release something on a Microsoft platform and not Playstation Plus or Now on Day 1? No, it's a bit more complicated than that and we dive into some of the issues on tonights show. We talk about our gaming weeks which include lots of Dead by Daylight and No Man's Sky, and get into all the rest of the week's gaming news!  

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The name "Xbox Live" is fading away in favor of the name "Xbox Network". Why would Microsoft be wanting to change things up from a name they've had for over 10 years? Could part of the reason be due to some of the horror stories that we've heard of how people treat others on Xbox Live sometimes? We discuss this and much more in gaming news this week!

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After the news about Microsoft and Bethesda last week, we get news this week that Sony has made a pretty big purchase themselves. However, it isn't a game making company they bought, but EVO, known for it's annual large fighting game tournament. What could Sony's long term plan be with this acquisition, is it to cement the playstation as the definitive place for fighting games? We discuss this and much more in the news this week.

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The joining of Bethesda and Xbox was made official this week as EU regulators clear the last hurdle needed for the acquisition to occur. Microsoft has wasted no time adding many Bethesda games to Xbox Game Pass, and in the future we have enhancements on backwards compatible titles to look forward to. What does this mean for the future of Bethesda games, could ANY games still show up on other platforms now? And what does this do for the strength of Game Pass moving forward, is Microsoft too far ahead for a competitor to catch up at this point? We talk about all this and much, much more (with way too many tangents, lol)  

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This week, Sony announced that the Playstation store soon would no longer carry movies directly for rent or purchase. Instead, apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and so forth will be used to provide Hollywood entertainment on the device. Is this news a surprise, or have there been hints that this is a long time coming? We discuss this, and how we feel about the direct movie rentals leaving the service. Also we try to predict what this might mean for the future? We discuss all this and much more on another week of Orange Lounge Radio!

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Pokemon turned 25 years old this week, and we take a moment to reflect on the series and our memories of it over the years. Sometimes it wasn't just the "main" games that got our attention. Some Announcements to go along with the anniversary were not only confirmation of a gen 4 remake, but also a new game called "Pokemon Legends". What do we think about all of these announcements? We talk about this and much more in the games industry this week including the recent Playstation State of Play!  

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A hugely important video game, The Legend of Zelda, turns 35 years old this week, as the release of the original Famicom game celebrates it's birthday the night of our show. Zelda news was a big part of this week's Nintendo Direct as well, and we recap the news from the Nintendo Direct, as well as Blizzconline, another big virtual event that took place in gaming this week.

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Our very own Loki released a game on Steam and this week, Pixel Poops Number Two! Although Loki has been walking us through the development of his game for several episodes now, he talks a bit about the release of the product. We get into gaming news going on in the rest of the world too though, including a couple of big conventions - Not only is Blizzcon happening virtually this week after a delay, but E3 has announced that it will be an all digital event this year too. Could a digital event be a good long term strategy for these shows? We discuss this and much more in gaming news on another week of OLR!

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