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Orange Lounge Radio is a Video Game podcast dedicated to what gamers really want to know, and the gamer lifestyle. An independent voice in a crowded world of video game podcasts, Orange Lounge Radio is dedicated to giving a forum for every gamer to have their voice. Hosted live weekly for the past nine years by DarkSakura, skie and LOKI, Orange Lounge Radio gives listeners the opportunity to interact directly with the show and give their feedback on the hot topics in the gaming industry thru live call-ins, a chatroom, e-mail, twitter and more. Winner of a Podcast Award for Best Gaming Podcast. Nominated for three Best of Live 365 awards. Tapes live on Sunday nights on the VOG Network.

Could the popular social app TikTok be about to launch gaming within the platform? We talk about how some gaming content creators use tiktok today, and some of the attempts of other social media in the past to leverage gaming and how that has been successful or not. We also get into our gaming weeks, and much more news, including a dating sim being announced for a game we talk about a lot on the show. All this and MORE on another week of the longest running video game podcast celebrating 20 years next month, Orange Lounge Radio!

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Have pictures leaked to twitter confirmed a new Silent Hill game? Probably not as much as Konami immediately having the pictures pulled. What could this mean for the future of this often speculated about franchise, as it's been 10 years since the last official title? Also in the opening of the show tonight, DarkSakura gives a recap of a local Pinball Convention that she attended. It's not just pinball but plenty of video games on another week of the longest running video game podcast, Orange Lounge Radio!

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A major sale in the industry happened after last week's show when Embracer purchased some of the studios under SquareEnix holdings. However what really has people talking is the deal price that Embracer got these studios for. Why is SquareEnix trying to sell off these companies? One comment has led to a further investment in blockchain-related technologies in gaming, which has our cast talking about if this technology actually has a place in gaming, or if it's too crime and scam riddled past the point of no return.

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The reception of Balan Wonderworld in the games industry was pretty cold. A new lawsuit this week that Yuji Naka has brought against Square Enix, as well as a series of tweets, have given insight as to what he believes went wrong with the making of this game. Was there poor expectations of how long a game of this scale might make? Or some mis calculations that some things done in the older days of gaming development don't always work the same in the modern era? We discuss this, and so much more in the news and our gaming weeks on another week of the longest running video game podcast- Orange Lounge Radio!

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The gaming industry has been under a close watch when it comes to labor practices these past few years, and in the past week, Nintendo has been the subject of a complaint from a contractor. This has caused many in the industry to talk about how contractors are treated in the industry. We talk about this, and much more in gaming on another week of the longest running video game podcast, Orange Lounge Radio!

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There is a report this week talking about Ads in Microsoft Free to Play games, but are ads really a new concept in the gaming industry? What is it about this story going around the blogs this week that makes this topic something people want to discuss again? Where might the industry be going as a result of this? We discuss all this and much more including headlines, our gaming weeks, and the classic game of the week, all on another episode of the longest running Video Game Podcast, Orange Lounge Radio!

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In a surprise announcement, Kingdom Hearts 4 was revealed to be under development. While it might not be surprising this long running franchise is getting another game, it was more the playable in-game footage that had people talking. Of course, was this REALLY in game footage, or a target render displaying UI elements? Only time will tell for sure, and how much time this game will need to come out is anyone's guess. The existence of this game though lends a lot of chatter to some prior rumors that a GeForce Now "leak" brought us, could a FF9 remaster be far behind? We talk about all this and much more on another week of the longest running video game podcast, Orange Lounge Radio!

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E3 2022 is officially canceled. Of course, we had mentioned that was probably going to happen on OLR before... what are the prospects that 2023 might actually be a return of E3? Or is E3 going to be dead and gone forever? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Will Summer Games Fest, confirmed to return this year, take the place of E3? We tackle all these questions and much more on another week of the longest running video game podcast, Orange Lounge Radio!

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Rumors pick up thru investor blogs and websites that Sony could be launching their own version of Game Pass to take on Microsoft this week. Do we think Sony has an opportunity to create something that is a real value here? Or do we think they are too late to the party. We discuss this and much more, including our gaming weeks, which includes a bit of CHAOS. All this and more headlines on another week of the longest running podcast about video games, Orange Lounge Radio!

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Playstation unveiled a surprise State of Play this week, with some exciting announcements, including a new retro collection that sounds quite thorough in what it includes. We discuss this and all the other announcements from the event. Also, we update with the latest on what is going on with the gaming industry's response to the invasion of Ukraine, and some games that have stopped services in Russia as a result. We discuss all this and so much more in news on another week of the longest running video game podcast, Orange Lounge Radio!

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