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Orange Lounge Radio is a Video Game podcast dedicated to what gamers really want to know, and the gamer lifestyle. An independent voice in a crowded world of video game podcasts, Orange Lounge Radio is dedicated to giving a forum for every gamer to have their voice. Hosted live weekly for the past nine years by DarkSakura, skie and LOKI, Orange Lounge Radio gives listeners the opportunity to interact directly with the show and give their feedback on the hot topics in the gaming industry thru live call-ins, a chatroom, e-mail, twitter and more. Winner of a Podcast Award for Best Gaming Podcast. Nominated for three Best of Live 365 awards. Tapes live on Sunday nights on the VOG Network.

We start off the show talking about SEXY GAMES (did something catch your attention?) and how Valve has been treating them on the Steam store. This gets into a larger conversation about sex and the internet and how easily accessible smut is, so how do we think Valve should be treating these games? We talk about this and more including our gaming weeks and the weeks news on another week of the show where EVERY gamer has a voice!

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The much anticipated plan for Nintendo's online service has been announced this week, and we get into quite a debate at the top of our show about whether we think they have approached the classics correctly, or not. Speaking of much anticipated plans however, it appears that Walmart's systems in Canada may have leaked out some coming E3 surprises. However, why do we have so many surprises in the gaming industry anyway? We discuss with our LIVE listeners.

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Some very classic games, Mega Man 2 and Mega Man X, are being re-released on cartridges soon. Does something like this appeal to our video game collector senses? Or is there just no beating the real thing, the classics? We discuss this interesting new trend in game collecting, and then dive into the weeks news which includes new books coming for Nintendo products. It's not the first time they've made books out of video games though as we take a trip down memory lane.

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Microsoft announced that they will be integrating Xbox activity into Discord. It seems like Discord has come a long way in a short amount of time with gamers, and we spend some time talking about the various chat apps that are available out there and how they have changed the way we play games online. Also, LOKI picked up a Nintendo Switch this week, and we talk to him a bit about his experiences with the system so far.

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Is Battle Royale fever taking over the industry? It sure looks like the next E3 might be full of Battle Royale modes in games, if the direction two big series are heading in is any indication. However, our hosts might be a whole lot happier with the Battle Royale trend if one internet meme were to turn out to actually be true. We discuss all this and more including the recent message put out by Bioware that does not sit well with our hosts. It's a rough but real start to another episode of Orange Lounge Radio!

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After some quick movie chat (hey, sometimes we like to watch movies as well as play games), we shift the conversation to concerts. Is there a video game concert that you've seen that was awesome? What is your dream concert? We ask this of our hosts as well as our live listeners at VOGNetwork. Then we get to the news, which includes the development of the stripping of Billy Mitchell's titles as record holder in Donkey Kong. What do we think of this situation and Billy's follow-up message? Will the classic gaming score scene never cease to bring us drama? Find out on an all new Orange Lounge Radio!

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PAX East was this weekend, and we talk about some of the news that was brough up in various panels at the convention, such as an exciting collection of classic NES & Arcade games. You know we don't just love the modern games here at OLR but the retro stuff too, and we're looking forward to this one. Speaking of retro games, we start off our show talking about the recent trend of game remakes-- what if things went the other way and we DEmade games? What game would be fun to see a demake of? And how many of these already exist? It's quite a few!   Also in the news: * Continuing adventures in Final Fantasy XV * Spyro Trilogy Remaster announcement * You Don't Know Jack to return in next Jackbox Pack * Earth Day in Pokemon Go   All this and more on the show where EVERY gamer has a voice-- Orange Lounge Radio! LIVE on the VOG Network, Sunday nights at 6 Pacific, 9 Eastern Twitter: @olr Mailbag: participate (at) orangeloungeradio dot com

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Our hosts are "unplugged" this week due to family obligations, but we take an opportunity to get caught up on the latest in cinema (with the release of Ready Play One) and of course, what we've been playing this week. From Pinball to Pokemon, we catch up with our varied gaming styles from around the board. Then we get into some news and of course, the classic game of the week!

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The issue comes up with Cross-Play again with Microsoft and Epic saying they'd like to see Fortnite with cross-play to more platforms. What do companies have to gain from holding back cross-play? Is there a good reason why cross-play might be disabled? We dive into some of the possibilities at the top of our show, and then hear from Jamie about the new Tomb Raider movie which she caught over the weekend.

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After some discussion on recent lifestyle changes, we jump into the gaming news which includes a big Nintendo Direct from this week where everyone is talking about the Super Smash Bros. reveal! Was anything else even announced? Ha, of course that's a joke, of course there was and we jump into some of the highlights from that as well. That's not the only company that had some game news this week, as we dive into more news covering games like Fortnite & Chrono Trigger!

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