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Howdy ya'll and welcome to The Best Little Horde House in Azeroth. Internet radio & podcasting veterans Rob Roberts and Xtofer, and their wine loving friend Grandpa bring you a weekly dose of Azeroth news and updates from an honest yet sometimes sassy perspective. Join us for our antics each week as we invite special guests to pull up a chair with us and poke a little fun at one of our past times.

We take a look back at E3 on this show broadcast live on June 17th, 2015. The Final Fantasy 7 remake sure grabbed people’s attention, but what grabbed the attention of us in studio? One big online game maker we talk a lot about had a lot to say at the PC press conference, which sure was an interesting press event. We recap the highs and the lows with special guest Allen in studio.

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Heroes with the Storm is a go! Our friend Aramis joins us tonight to talk about the launch of Heroes of the Storm, including tips for new players, and some thoughts from being at the Heroes of the Dorm event live! We also talk with our guest about a recent post from Blizzard going back a bit on the original decision on flying in Draenor. Will the fans find the “compromise” to be satisfying? Final Fantasy XIV and Elder Scrolls Online round out our week in the news.

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The World of Warcraft looks to not make flying a part of their current expansion, and many of the players are NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT. Also, one major MOBA takes pro-active steps to automatically deal with toxic players, but could it be one step too far in the direction of automation? Rob, Xtofer and Grandpa discuss the latest in online gaming on this episode broadcast live on May 27th

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Diablo 3, a game we’ve talked a lot about on this show, has celebrated it’s third birthday. And to celebrate? COWS! Unless you happen to play the game on two particular platforms, that is. Also, one online game bans MANY cheaters, but allows them to come back to the game IF they beg for forgiveness on YouTube. Are people really going to create a video begging to return and then leave comments open on their YouTube videos? On this weeks show, Rob and Grandpa find out…

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In this episode broadcast live on May 13th, Rob, Xtofer and Grandpa talk about the big drop in the World of Warcraft subscriber numbers. Is it really the doom and gloom that some may be making it out to be? Or could the doom and gloom be ready to hit another MMO that could soon be looking at a free to play transition? Of course, that could also be an awesome switch depending on your perspective.

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On this episode of Horde House, we are joined by Sil from The Geek Card. Sil’s going to get her rant on though, as she’s a little irritates at something someone said to her? Was it YOU?? Well, let’s hope not. We talk a little bit about the big ol’ burn, as well as the week in online gaming news. Heroes of the storm appeared on ESPN2, but is that a little weird that a game that technically isn’t released yet is being shown on basic cable? Also, although it’s not a multiplayer game per se, one game that definitely spread like crazy across social media had the plug unexpectedly pulled and we have to talk about it.

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We are happy to be joined on this episode by Raven from Girls Gone WoW, who woke up at an obscene hour in her local time to join us on the show! Since our regular hosts are out of the loop a bit on WoW, Raven catches us up with what has been going on in the game. Rob shares some experiences of buying tickets for this years Blizzcon, of which he seems to have had better luck than most people on the internet. In the news tonight, we discuss the “official” launch of Heroes of the Storm, even though everyone is already playing it. We dip into news on casual/kid MMOs as one of the bigger ones in that field is scaling back, and then we talk about- llamacoles?

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Tonight we talk about a cross-platform fighting game that bridges the gap between the old and new Playstation platforms. Could a trend that allows cross-play between PS3 and PS4 continue, or is the PS3 too much on it’s way out the door? Also, the controversial WoW Token launches in World of Warcraft, and some of the hosts are surprised at how things have been playing out in the WoW Token economy so far. All this and MORE on this episode taped April 8th, 2015.

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No special fools to be found on this April 1st edition of Horde House, just the three fools you’ve come to listen to each week. In the news this week, we talk about the closure of one online experience. Was it just ahead of it’s time? Could there be an evolution? Also, many MMO’s out there unveiled pranks of their own for the holiday season. We run down some of the ones that have caught our eye, and take a stroll down a memory lane of past foolings in Grandpa’s Teabag.

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In this episode broadcast live on March 25th, our hosts recap the news of the week including an update on Diablo 3 seasons as well as PETS being added to one popular MMO. Special guest Degenerate Johnny joins us to give fresh perspective on some other online games besides the ones our hosts usually play, including Hex and SWTOR. All this and MORE on the show about ALL things online gaming but NEVER too SRSLY- HORDE HOUSE!

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