Flappy VOG

Flappy VOG

About Flappy VOG

Control the podcast hosts of the VOG Network on a journey flapping to the right - if you can stand their constant chatter!

A Silly Game by Bobby Blackwolf

On a dark day in February of 2014, Vietnamese indie game developer Dong Nguyen removed his immensely popular mobile game Flappy Bird from the iOS and Android app stores. People clamored for replacements, and indie game developers were eager to release their clones. (Our favorite, other than this one, is Maverick Bird by Terry Cavanagh.)

We at VOG didn't want to be left out!

Flappy VOG allows you to control many hosts of VOG Network programming as their disembodied head inexplicably flies to the right through nondescript pillars in space. Maybe they think they're heading to the Satellite of VOG? We don't know. What we DO know is that these are podcasters, and that means they never shut up.

Left click to flap, right click to dive. That's it. Try to get to the top of the Global Leaderboards for each character! (More characters will be added later!) Annoy your Twitter timeline with your high score. (Note: pop-up blockers block our popup because they consider it annoying.)

Requires the Unity Web Player. Only playable on computers - no tablets or phones.

Version History

  • v1.0 (Feb 16, 2014) - Initial Release, 4 characters.
  • v1.1 (Feb 23, 2014) - Character Pack 1 - SEVEN new characters - DarkSakura (OLR), Grandpa (Horde House), Pandalicious and NinJaSistah (ElectricSistaHood), DJ Ranma S, Mako-chan, and Ari Rockefeller (Anime Jam Session). Also fixes audio to be normal volume instead of really soft.
  • v1.2 (Mar 2, 2014) - Character Pack 2: The Final - LOKI from OLR rounds out the final update to the game. Thanks for playing!


Hosts Most Flapped To

HostShowTimes Flapped
Bobby BlackwolfThe Bobby Blackwolf Show3851
Travis DonovanUnder Sedation LIVE!!3327
Rob RobertsOLR & Horde House3220
LOKIOrange Lounge Radio1188
GrandpaHorde House822
DarkSakuraOrange Lounge Radio738
Ari RockefellerAnime Jam Session308
DJ Ranma SAnime Jam Session303
Mako-chanAnime Jam Session294

Total Flaps: 17461