Skeleton Hunter

Skeleton Hunter

About Skeleton Hunter

Skeleton Hunter is a 2D platform game made in HTML5 and Javascript. Jump backwards through walls, wrap around the screen, and exploit all the bugs you can find to defeat the necromancer and destroy the game.
  • You can ride on any enemy or moving object safely.
  • You can pass through walls by facing away from the wall and doing a jump attack.
  • If you reach the edge of the screen, you will wrap around to the other side of the screen.
  • All boss rooms are escapable.
Google Chrome is recommended. Other browsers may not support gamepads, and you may need to click on the game first before you can play it.

All code, graphics, and sound by Jonathan Landis "Hitstun" using Notepad++, Tiled, GIMP, FamiTracker, Bfxr, and Audacity.



Move: arrow keys or WASD
Jump: X or Period or Shift
Attack: Z or Slash
Start: Enter

Gamepad (in Google Chrome)

Move: D-pad or left analog stick
Jump: Button 1 (A) or button 4 (Y)
Attack: Button 2 (B) or button 3 (X)
Start: Button 9 (Start)