Shaking And Crying

Veteran podcaster Rob Roberts and cosplay artist Arya Snark (but you can call her "Victoria") team up to bring you this weekly look at geek culture and pop culture with a tongue in cheek edge. The only things guaranteed are a whole lot of tangents and a whole lot of sass. So "let's gossip" each week on this podcast that will leave you... Shaking and Crying.

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We get it!! You vape!! We start this episode off having a very frank discussion about a habit that's come out of the shadows more and more as it's become legal in more and more places. Then we talk a bit about our couple weeks off and some of the conventions and other activities that have gone on during the time away. We also talk about some of the latest in geek and pop culture, such as the latest star wars trailer that came out today. And how is Victoria feeling about Disneyland's latest changes in preparation for Star Wars land?

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It's been a busy time for travel for both Rob Roberts and Arya Snark! Rob catches us up on his Las Vegas trip to see the Gwen Stefani residency. It appears the show was great and all, but what about that FOOD? Arya is attending a convention in Seattle this weekend, but what happens when there is a cosplay emergency? Oh noes! We also have some time to talk about the headlines going around the nation that lots of people are discussing, and give our own sassy (and sometimes serious) spin on things.

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Arya Snark has been under the weather but she's toughing it out tonight to join us for another episode of the show! We start with a conversation on BDE, and the many people who exhibit it regularly, including one former Broadway star who wore literally the best thing ever on the Oscars runway. Then we get into a conversation on a 90210 revival, sending our thoughts to Luke Perry. Arya has to rant about Disneyland a little bit, and just the mere fact that she's getting used to being called "Arya". All this and more round out a Friday Night edition of Shaking and Crying!

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Arya Snark and Rob Roberts return for another week of Shaking and Crying. However could it be the end of the world as... gasp... there is SNOW in the Los Angeles area. And they say climate change isn't real! Well, perhaps Arya Snark will escape the cold climate of LA and make for warmer shores on the Golden Girls cruise in 2020. Oh yes, that's a thing. We also talk a little bit about the Drag Race finale too, because, well, it's like what the Oscars are for us at this point. Yeah we aren't really watching the Oscars this year. Also we will not be driving anywhere near that theater.

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Is this thing on? Yup, after a hiatus we are BACK for a special valentines day rekindling of our podcast relationship! We talk a little bit about the break and why it happened, and take about a million tangent trains to different topics because of our time off. It happens to be a big "holiday" on the day of our reunion, but is it REALLY a holiday? We talk a bit about Valentines Day and what it means (or doesn't) to us. All this, some Broadway shows and yes... all these months later we are still shaking and crying about Disney.

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Fetch the smelling salts, Shaking and Crying has returned with an all new episode! We didn't mean for it to get so depressing, but certain movies and TV shows just give us the feels, ya know? Rob reflects on one important movie for him from the past while Victoria talks about a TV show she can't stop watching. We also talk about this weeks news, which includes not just a big change to the scouts, but the WNBA!

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Our duo is back to talk about things happening in the world such as tax day, and another trip to the movies! Also, you know Victoria has been getting her Disney on, and wants to talk about some of the Pixar events happening at the park, as well as the upcoming dapper days event she's getting ready for. Rob brings up a story on Targets having a pull up service to get items now. Are we sad that shopping as we know it is fading away, or are we happy we barely have to interact with anyone anymore??

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It's been a long week for Victoria, so Rob starts off the show reflecting on some stories. Even though it ends in a homework assignment for the listeners, it is a reflection upon how much pageantry one can really get into on Interstate 5. We are back into news this week, where we talk about the Waze app getting some people into trouble on some crazy roads in LA. It might be best to LOOK at your route before you leap. No really, you might leap.

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Both an unexpected event and a pre-planned vacation cause our show to go on an unexpected week break, but we are back this week in a diversion of our usual format to unload on all of the events from the past couple weeks. After tons of tangents ranging from the World of Coke to WonderCon, we get to the Disney March Madness meme that has been going around the internet causing friendships to end. Seriously, who puts Cars 3 over Coco? Anyway, we do our own ranking and open ourselves to all the internet hate sure to come with it. Fun!

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At the top of the show, Victoria shares some of the details about her no good very bad day. Rob just slept the day away after being kind of tired from a trip this weekend. We get into some news which includes some not so great updates about Stan Lee and some of the allegations about what is going on with some of his finances as he gets older. We take time to talk STAR WARZ (yes, with a Z because we are edgy) and the Obamas possibly joining Netflix. It's a week full of chatter on an all new episode that will leave you... Shaking and Crying.

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