Moon Buggy

Moon Buggy

About Moon Buggy

You're a sentient Moon Buggy racing around on the Moon with finish lines made of the parts the Apollo astronauts left behind. Don't fall into the bottomless pits that we all know are on the Moon, and don't flip over, because there's nobody around to flip you back around!

...Just go with it, will you?

(If you don't see the Level Select menu when the game starts, refresh the page. It will show up the second time.)

Programming: Bobby Blackwolf
"Music": Bobby Blackwolf (in one hour)
3D Models: NASA (Public Domain)

Don't want to play in the browser?

Update 2-4-15: Oculus Rift (Windows) Version!


Keyboard and Mouse

Accelerate: Left Mouse Button, Left Ctrl
Decelerate: Right Mouse Button, Right Ctrl
Jump: Space

Menu Moving: Arrow Keys
Menu Selection: Space, Enter

Quit: Esc

Xbox 360 Controller (Windows Only)

Accelerate: Right Trigger
Decelerate: Left Trigger
Jump: A

Menu Moving: D-Pad, Left Stick
Menu Selection: A, Start

Quit: Back