Anime Jam Session

Anime Jam Session is a 90+ minute weekly podcast hosted by DJ Ranma S, Mako-chan, and the resident staff writer Ari Rockefeller. Join them as they discuss topics in regards to anime, cosplay, conventions, video games, along with pop culture, tech, and other anime related topics. This podcast is also syndicated weekly on VOG Network. Tuesdays at 9:30PM EST and Thursdays at 1PM EST.

We have Pokémon updates, new game app and illustration contest! Also, former employees sue Good Smile Company (ENGLISH) in a cross complaint, and ufotable founder admits to evading taxes! Plus, three new Mobile Suit Gundam projects, Spirited Away returns to theaters, and Yu-Gi-Oh! fans can now be Seto Kaiba with new briefcase and card set! Meanwhile in Japan, man yells at bear about why he's being attacked, elementary school teacher gives horrible excuse on leaving his phone in the girls locker room, and drinkable whipped cream?! --- Support this podcast:

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Creamy Mami joins the Tokyo Idol Festival, Dragon Quest has it's own chess set, and legendary mangaka Rumiko Takahashi explains the origin of Shampoo's name! Also, legendary j-rocker GACKT goes on indefinite hiatus, Studio 4C creates an anime ad for R&B artist Aaliyah to commemorate the 20th anniversary of her album, and an otaku cryptocurrency to produce isekai anime? Meanwhile in Japan, we get an update on what happened to Beat Takeshi (ビートたけし), a Guinness World Record goes to Motimaru the cat, and card buyers need to prove they're real Pokémon fans to buy new expansion packs... --- Support this podcast:

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Fallout from Puchi Con, what happened with the COVID scare?! Also, live action Cowboy Bebop gets a prequel manga and live action One Piece new logo reveal and script teaser! Plus, latest Sailor Moon Musical streams the first and last shows globally, and actor Beat Takeshi (ビートたけし) assaulted! Meanwhile in Japan, a man fakes being Vietnamese in order to rob convenience store, another man attempts to rob store with lighter, a man pees in drink bottle of woman coworker because “he liked her”, and a Japanese convenience store’s love letter vending machine proves they really do sell everything... --- Support this podcast:

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DJ Ranma S and Mako-chan discuss Puchi Con 2021, and you definitely don't want to miss this! Also if time permits, live action Cowboy Bebop screenshots, and clap back from one of the actors! Convention updates from Wonder Festival and Jump Festa, and a manga company creates an LGBTQ sensitivity reader panel. Meanwhile in Japan, penis fencing takes over Japanese Twitter, man arrested for smearing poo on a backpack, and another man leaves a bag of red stained knives at a stranger's house?! --- Support this podcast:

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We pay homage to Fred Ladd, a pioneer in the anime industry and producer of Astro Boy. Also, Wizard World is no more, SaikouCon calls it quits, and Otakon's final numbers! Bleach one-shot leaves on a cliffhanger, and a new chapter of Berserk! Meanwhile in Japan... Goombas defeated at ユニバーサル・スタジオ・ジャパン / Universal Studios Japan (USJ), and a man is arrested for throwing money at bento shop, and a mayor forfeits 3 months' pay for biting athletes gold medal... --- Support this podcast:

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We discuss Nan Desu Kan backpedaling on tonight's Hot Take! Also, Anime NYC requires masks for attendance, Funimation now owns Crunchyroll,and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean gets a release date! Plus, Back To the Future gets a Japanese light novel, Good Smile Company (ENGLISH) announces their first US in person event, and the athletes at the Olympics love their anime, along with closing ceremonies with a ska version of Gurenge from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba! Meanwhile in Japan, a food service payment company has 3 years of billing error now required lump payments to fix it, update on a slip and fall with pumpkin tempura, train otakus mad at a bicyclist, and 全家FamilyMart celebrates 40 years with eco-friendly onigiri packaging! --- Support this podcast:

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What happened at Animanga, we'll get into it! Anime Expo® and Comiket has convention updates for us! Plus Kadokawa's President apologizes about his comment on manga, and what could have been in the Olympics opening ceremonies. Also, AKB48 cancels concerts and appearances, TikTok collabs with Rumic Festival, and manga sales skyrocket in France due to free money! Meanwhile in Japan, a country kimono project with designs for 200 countries, man repeatedly steals food from store with a pay chime, 13 year old becomes first women's Olympic gold medalist, and a Super Sentai cafe! --- Support this podcast:

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DJ Ranma S has a Hot Take about Blerdcon, and you don't want to miss that! Also, One Piece collabs with Where's Waldo?, 2.5 stage plays featuring Naruto, My Hero Academia, & Sailor Moon for streaming, and HYDE announces a 20th anniversary concert! Plus a Netflix Pokémon series, Fist of the North Star musical, and the latest Evangelion movie places 35th highest grossing in Japan! Meanwhile in Japan... Drunk droning (you heard that right), the "young" lady in the McDonald's commercial, and a follow up to the stolen RX-7! --- Support this podcast:

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What the hell is going on with Anime Tube? We discuss the scambait streaming service! Also, we celebrate 20 years of FullMetal Alchemist, and all the cool stuff with it! Plus, the studio behind Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba caught in a tax evasion, Right Stuf Anime releases Interspecies Reviewers uncut, and Hello Kitty x Shinkalion is canon! Meanwhile in Japan, man driving stolen Lexus ends up stealing another one, an idol singer quits group due to nasty otakus, and a baby themed haunted house?! --- Support this podcast:

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After one chapter, a manga is cancelled that was written by Kakegurui's writer? Golgo 13 breaks world record, Tezuka Productions responds to controversy about anime characters used for the Olympics, Godzilla and Hamtaro collab! Kyoto Animation announces the memorial video, and animation director Ippei Ichii says MAPPA offered cheap rates to Netflix for anime? Meanwhile in Japan, a cat run store with a cat manager, Engrish sign turns out x-rated, politician Skull Reaper A-ji sues city for refusing to show his face, and Tenga's rocket is a go! --- Support this podcast:

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