Anime Jam Session

Anime Jam Session is a 90+ minute weekly podcast hosted by DJ Ranma S, Mako-chan, and the resident staff writer Ari Rockefeller. Join them as they discuss topics in regards to anime, cosplay, conventions, video games, along with pop culture, tech, and other anime related topics.

Texas A-Kon postponed, MediaOCD acquires AnimEigo, and Pokémon gets a Time Magazine cover set as well as lighting up the night sky in NYC! Also, an animator survey reveals yearly salary and average hours worked, and the numbers are exactly how you'd think, TOYOTA releases an Initial D-inspired series trailer, and Tokyo gets new Sailor Moon manhole covers! Meanwhile in Japan... Osaka school to switch to fall start and potential English language classes, a vending machine begins selling old bread, and doctors recommend acting like a dying cockroach to help with hay fever?! --- Support this podcast:

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AnimeNext 2024 was canceled, the Funimation app shut down as the Crunchyroll app took over, and the loss of digital "purchases". Also, a man was sentenced to a year in prison over threats against a voice actor, the Knuckles live-action series spinoff gets a trailer and streaming date, and Trigun manga delayed until fall?! Meanwhile in Japan, a park offers love confession plans, a Yakuza member extorts money from a ninja, and thieves arrested for stealing, came to Japan just to do it?! --- Support this podcast:

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Konami's anime studio released a Yu-Gi-Oh! anniversary video, an anime streaming website has been added to a government watchlist, and The most popular manga app in 2023 is not the one people will most think of... Also, websites "hacked" to mark the Laughing Man incident date, the Sailor Moon musical gets 1st new production in 4 years, and Scott Pilgrim along with Super Mario Bros. nominated for ACE Eddie Awards! Meanwhile in Japan... SEGA's successor opened a new arcade with a bar inside, and a principal was fired for stealing less than 5 dollars worth of coffee?! --- Support this podcast:

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Ghost In The Shell Laughing Man Incident timeline is about to start, the SPYxANYA video game will be released globally, and The Pokémon Company will look into possible IP infringement. Also, Kyoto court hands down sentencing in an arson case, 11 people arrested for game console resale scam, and a Love Live School Idol Project writer unveils original anime film! Meanwhile in Japan... A festival requested naked men cover up for the first time in its history, a pillow fighting tournament coming back to onsen town, and Setsubun Luck sushi rolls just for your pets! --- Support this podcast:

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Magical DoReMi to unveil their 25th anniversary video in March, Artist gets called out for lying about working on Studio Ghibli flick, and Legal threats are taken against manga app Tachiyomi. Also, a long-awaited boys' love anime was canceled, the Sapporo Snow Festival announced a Gundam sculpture, and Yoshiki auctioned his crystal piano for charity. Meanwhile, in Japan, Yoshiki to compose a global theme for Hello Kitty, the Tokyo government released an official dating app, Nippon Ham's newest tuna sashimi is neither ham, nor fish, and the newest Pizza Hut pizza took 6 months to perfect?! --- Support this podcast:

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The gang is back! DJ Ranma S is back from Japan, and he will tell his adventures! On the news front, Japan wins its first Golden Globes, Solo Leveling voice actor allegedly coughs up blood during recording, and Pokémon TV shuts down. Also, Live Action Yu Yu Hakusho reaches a global ranking in the top 5, SAG-AFTRA signs agreement with Voiceover Studio for AI rules in video games, Love Live! Nijigasaki gets a film trilogy finale and a visual novel! Meanwhile in Japan, a candy company won top honors at medicinal product awards, and dragon-laced candy for Year of the Dragon! --- Support this podcast:

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Join DJ Ranma S, Mako-chan, BerryMelon, Ari Rockefeller, and WildSpice for the 2023 Christmas show! They're taking it easy this year, but we also have some interesting news stories to share! New intentionally ugly anime sweaters from Japan will keep you warm and un-cool this winter, high schools to become free for all families in Tokyo, dozens of idol groups are breaking up due to age, Clarks Shoes teams up for Pokémon shoes, and Shibuya bans outdoor New Years celebrations?! --- Support this podcast:

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Gojo's Voice Actor Responds to Recent Studio Controversy, Spy X Family gets a taste of Street Fighter 6, and My Neighbor Totoro gets a little taste of Whisky?! Also, Jump Festa gets English interpretation for the global live stream, Frieren added 7 million manga copies into circulation in the last 2 months, and dates released for the US debut of Pokémon Horizons! Meanwhile in Japan, McDonald's brings back punny savory pie, and a father turns his son in for robbery! --- Support this podcast:

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Fans speculate as “queen of Japanese pop” Namie Amuro disappears, wiping out 30 years of music, premiere dates soon to be revealed for Suicide Squad anime, and the Monkey D. Luffy balloon crashes in the first five minutes of Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! Also, no plans for season 2 of the Scott Pilgrim anime, Shogakukan acquires Tokyo Otaku Mode as a wholly owned subsidiary, and the "crumbling" anime industry asks SAG-AFTRA to speak some sense into youth. Meanwhile in Japan... New fried chicken designed to taste great with alcohol, a Ferris wheel adds kotatsu and hot sake service, and a good night's sleep or your money back?! --- Support this podcast:

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Our last two cons of the year! Mako-chan discusses Village Con, and DJ Ranma S discusses Anime NYC! Also in anime news, an Jujutsu Kaisen animator destroys MAPPA's production floor and ASUS apologizes for EVANGELION 通信 motherboard mistake! Meanwhile in Japan, a restaurant owner sends ramen ingredients into space, and Japan's oldest Monorail is closing... --- Support this podcast:

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