Anime Jam Session

Anime Jam Session is a 90+ minute weekly podcast hosted by DJ Ranma S, Mako-chan, and the resident staff writer Ari Rockefeller. Join them as they discuss topics in regards to anime, cosplay, conventions, video games, along with pop culture, tech, and other anime related topics. This podcast is also syndicated weekly on VOG Network. Tuesdays at 9:30PM EST and Thursdays at 1PM EST.

On tonight's back to school show, Digimon is coming to US cell phones! Also, Universal Studios Japan (USJ) has new anime and game attractions, Cowboy Bebop director to do Blade Runner 2049 short, and what DVDs are Sentai Filmworks phasing out? The director of Fullmetal Alchemist has some mighty strong words about the live action film, Tokyo Ghoul film hits US shores, and the top ten well endowed anime ladies that changed men! Also in strange news from Japan, man plucking pubes and puts them on a sleeping woman, cosplayers on a roof service, and what's up with Grape-kun? An update!

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On tonight's show, follow up with Funimation's hurricane reliefe efforts! Also, what's the brouhaha with the Rurouni Kenshin (Live Action) film? The return of Galaxy Express 999, your favorite hero/heroine by era, Sanrio mashups with Godzilla and Yu Yu Hakusho, The Rose of Versailles screen adaptation, and Love Live!Sunshine Project's Love Live Sunshine!Aqours 2nd Love Live! Happy Party Train Tour! and locations! Also in Strange News From Japan, car rental places handing out stickers for foreign drivers, middle aged woman robs much younger man, and an old man is convicted of armed robbery?

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On tonight's show we're going to try it again! We're doing a Town Hall Podcast! Join That DJ Ranma S Guy, along with moderators IchigoGami and Yunie, as they sit down with our special guests as they talk to them about some of the controversial issues in cosplay. Join out special guests Miss. Erisaka Blu and Nerdee as they tell us about what it's like begin the non-typical cosplayer!

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Tonight we will have the gang talking about Love Live!Sunshine Project escape game, news about Pokémon, handing out deodorant at an SKE48 event, and Yoshitaka Amano art book from Dark Horse Comics! Also Otakon's final numbers and possible sequel to Netflix's Death Note? And in Strange News in Japan, new Japanese dessert craze, five worse smelling bathrooms in all of Japan, and is it a sushi roll or burrito... But does Starbucks know?

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On tonight's show, it's a 2 for 1 special! We're talking PopCult Anime Convention [NECG Meet-Up] AND SaikouCon with WildSpice Cosplay! And if time permits, news about Yuri on ICE and an anthropomorphic mobile game?! Wrapping it up in Strange News From Japan, Hokkaido and weed, woman wants justice in counterfeit money, Idols tells all the wear deodorant, and meet the dead with Augmented Reality?!

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On tonight's show, we're talking Otakon! Join IchigoGami, WildSpice Cosplay, Ari Rockefeller, and That DJ Ranma S Guy, and they break down all four days of their Otakon 2017 - Official adventures! Then in Strange News From Japan, crowdfunding via begging your friends, noodles gone from cup ramen, and a guy is living in an arcade?!

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On tonight's show we talk about the fallout of the METROCON 2017 **Official** Milady panel, holy crap! Then a lawsuit against Niantic, new season of Love Live!Sunshine Project, and a Macross Delta theatre project! A sequel to The Nightmare Before Christmas? Crunchyroll releases ピコ太郎 - PIKOTARO's anime, and Netflix bring over Saint Seiya! In strange news from Japan, Japan's newest mascot is a douche, Yahoo! JAPAN offers funeral services online, and poop town?

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On tonight's show, Sony Pictures does the fusion dance with Funimation! Hear our thoughts on the acquisition! Also Persona 5 goes anime, Digimon gets a stage play, a brand new Revolutionary Girl Utena manga chapter is coming, with a cafe! 2020 Olympics could get an anime/manga parade, and a Guinness World Records with Detective Conan! And on Strange News From Japan, former cop arrested for drug possession, who was once connected to this, man moves by doing it naked, and capsule machine to choose your meal?

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On tonight's show... Thoughts about Linkin Park, and what's been going on at San Diego Comic Con! Also, Akira celebrates 35 years, live action One Piece, and G4 Tech TV Canada says farewell. Learn a Love Live!Sunshine Project dance, and more info on Voltron Legendary Defender! Also under Strange News From Japan, bike stolen and returned with food, a karaoke ferris wheel, and poop, nothing but poop, at a zoo exhibit and food menu?

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On tonight's show, we're celebrating anime! First it's thirty years of Ranma ½ and fifty years of Lupin the 3rd! Otakon warns fans of a scam hotel site, a balloon crowdfunding for Mazinger Z, and 4DX screening of Yuri on ICE in Japan. Anime film festival in LA, live action City Hunter in the works, and a place in Tokyo to eat and rink in cosplay! And in Strange News From Japan, adult shaved ice, ramen flavored Pringles, and sushi robots?

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