Anime Jam Session

Anime Jam Session is a 90+ minute weekly podcast hosted by DJ Ranma S, Mako-chan, and the resident staff writer Ari Rockefeller. Join them as they discuss topics in regards to anime, cosplay, conventions, video games, along with pop culture, tech, and other anime related topics. This podcast is also syndicated weekly on VOG Network. Tuesdays at 9:30PM EST and Thursdays at 1PM EST.

On tonight's show, we discover that a cosplayer was fined for doing something stupid, Rumiko Takahashi's total manga print, the return of Eureka Seven, and Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! get a new OVA! Latest Pokémon has a tie-in with Pokémon Sun and Moon, word travels about the Sailor Moon musicals, and an anime short ties Animal Crossing with capsule "gambling". And in Strange News From Japan, mixing karaoke with interviews, National Sleep Day and a cafe, and a train groper escapes onto the tracks?

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On tonight's snowed in show, what's up with Crunchyroll video streams? Are they dropping quality? Also, Lupin III curry! Godzilla anime to hit Netflix, and Toonami drops One Piece for Tokyo Ghoul! Ghost In The Shell theatrical release to be dubbed by original Japanse seiyuus, and what does Hirohiko Araki have to say about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure film? And on Strange News From Japan, cops looking for guy sticking fingers in boy's mouths, sake at a English friendly event... Dating simulator allows you to date real life YouTube celebs, and teen lights up a restaurant after is closes?!

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It's here! Episode 300! Join DJ Ranma S, Mako-chan, Ari Rockefeller, Ichigo Gami, WildSpice Cosplay, and Kuro Usagi as they do a brief look back at 300 episodes, five years, of semi-pro podcasting! Also, we talk Cosplay Melee, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Love Live Sunshine!, Ghost in the Shell, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and a brand new Gundam robot! And on Strange News from Japan, the return of old uniforms, flame insurance, dead body in porno magazines, Pancake Day, NYC ramen in Japan, and stabbing yourself to get out of work?!

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Tonight on episode 299 1/2, we're talking Katsucon 2017! Join WildSpice Cosplay and IchigoGami as they talk about the con with That DJ Ranma S Guy and Ari Rockefeller! Also, we will have some great non con news, if time persists! Also in Strange News From Japan, a luxury overnight bus, website for LGBT people to find housing, a literal blind date party, and Piko Taro at the GRAMMYs?!

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On tonight's show, score one for America as we bring home the gold in the Dance Dance Revolution world championships! Also, Hanamaru Kunikida is the new Love Live! School Idol Project face at Sega! 33 versions of the City Hunter ending, Crunchyroll con, a villain is cast for Battle Angel Alita film, new Gundam Wing manga, and Final Fantasy gets an original manga to commemorate it's 30th anniversary! And then we talk the top ten romance anime for 2016 - 2017! Wrapping up in Strange News from Japan, single mom sues nursing school over tattoos, hire a tutor to get better at video games, and all you can drink for 100 yen?!

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On tonight's show, Lupin III gets an anniversary Mook, Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA comes to NY, and seven anime references in cartoons! Crunchyroll brings us Anime Movie Night, Hulu drops Dragon Ball Z after a week, and Cyborg 009 get a start date from Netflix! A new manga wher ea boy is reincarnated as a hot spring, and get paid to take naps to promote a new anime movie? And in strange news from Japan, a two day event featuring Japanese inspired steampunk, all you can eat meat for under 300 yen, and a karaoke machine that rewards with naked women?

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On tonight's show, Macross gets a new series, ananime crossover game is coming, and season 4 of Sailor Moon Crystal! The senshi from the new Sera Myu musicals are coming, and the The New York Times removes it's manga list, brand new Lupin III, and a Sailor Moon scam that's up to no good! And wrapping things up on Strange News From Japan, a man arrested for selling food that was being thrown out, another man attacks woman and steals panties, and a Thai official arrested for stealing hotel paintings?!

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On tonight's show... RECAP! Aniplex USA and their licenses, Attack on Titan editor arrested, Anime turns 100, best of each decade, and the Love Live Sunshine poll results!'s new streaming service, top 25 seiyuus, as polled by their peers, 7 animes turning 20 this year, and the director of Your Name says don't see it. And on Strange news in Japan, an interesting twist on maid cafes, a book cafe, and why the National Garden employee let foreigners in for free?

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Back from holiday break! Join DJ Ranma S and Ari Rockefeller as they talk about MAGFest 2016! And wrapping things up in Strange News From Japan, a man rearrested for stealing information to take pictures of women's underwear, PPAP is parodied by a respectfed National Theater, and Nintendo is not a part of the Tokyo Olympics 2020?

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On tonight's Christmas Special before the end of the year, join DJ Ranma S, Mako-chan, Ichigo Gami, and special guest Yunie as they enjoy a few drinks and go over some interesting stories! News on Ghost In The Shell and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt! Boruto anime, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure accessories, Maetel Legend from Galaxy Express 999 models hair care products, and a new Saint Seiya spinoff! then we ask in the Open Forum Topic, what are your go to holiday films? And in an extended Strange News From Japan, women surveyed on just wanting a Christmas only boyfriend, complaints with white nurse uniforms, Cold Stone Creamery Japan does an all you can eat, and the anime way of removing women's clothing?!

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