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"...Atari released a modern version of their classic system. (my first game system actually) Now by 'modern' I don’t mean high-end graphics and AAA titles. This is functionally the exact same system that was released back when I was a kid."

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Rob Roberts and Bobby Blackwolf are back from TwitchCon 2023 in Las Vegas! This was Bobby's first TwitchCon, and Rob's third, so we talk about how the experience compares to prior years, as well as if a first timer might want to go again. What were some factors that may have soured the experience that have nothing to do with Twitch? We discuss this and much more, including the importance of COMMUNITY in what these things are all about!

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Bobby Blackwolf and Rob Roberts are back from TwitchCon 2023 in Las Vegas, and discuss the big news from the keynote. This includes the bombshell change to the exclusivity agreement. What could this mean for streamers large and small? We discuss. We also get into features that have great potential, such as Stream Together, and Private Moderation Messages. Join us and our many many years of streaming experience as we break down the news!

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Rob Roberts and Shane sit down to discuss the recent launch of Monster Hunter Now. In some ways, this mobile phone game is really slick, and one of the strongest games that Niantic has released. However, we discuss the deeper issues that lie with Niantic and-- well do we TRUST this company to do good things with the game and the community? It's some serious questions that we take on and discuss in our Monster Hunter Now Launch Impressions!

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Rob Roberts and Shane get together to talk about the surprise Sony State of Play from September 2023. While no big new games were announced, we got a more in depth look at titles such as Foam Stars, and Spiderman 2. Of course, it's the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trailer that got the most attention from us. We talk about all the highlights, and things we wish we would have seen, and much more!

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Rob Roberts and Shane team up to talk about the Nintendo Direct released on September 14th, 2023. The direct featured many titles such titles as Super Mario RPG, F-Zero 99, and Mario vs. Donkey Kong. We give our overall impressions of the direct, and how it measured up. Did the rumors hurt the reception to the direct? Do the rumors of Switch 2 being on the horizon effect the announcements made? Why didn't they reveal the switch 2 here? We discuss all this and much more!

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Bobby Blackwolf and Rob Roberts sit down to discuss the recent release "Making of Karateka." We discuss how this may have slipped off your radar, but it's an important one for retro enthusiasts. We talk about how the coffee table book or museum style presence of the game sets a new standard in game preservation. However we also discuss some of the opportunities for things to be even better with a potential future release. We also speculate what future releases in the Gold Master Series by Digital Eclipse could include!

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Bobby Blackwolf and Rob Roberts sit down to talk about this year's DragonCon which happened in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend. How great was the cosplay? What were some things that were even better than prior years? What were some things that weren't so great that should have stayed in a focus group? We talk about all this, give our 2024 suggestions from our perspectives, and much more!

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Bobby Blackwolf and Rob Roberts from VOGNetwork sit down to talk about what's in store for DragonCon 2023, now that the app is officially live! What caused a bit of a delay in the full schedules release? We discuss this, as well as the impact the ongoing strikes in Hollywood will likely have on this years show. However, with DragonCon being such a diverse convention with so many fan-supported track, could it be that many people who attend won't see a difference at all? We talk about this and much more, with only one week to go until the big show in Atlanta!

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Rob Roberts from Orange Lounge Radio takes a deep dive on the New Routes feature for Pokemon Go. While demonstrating a sample route in a nearby mall, Rob talks about the things implemented well and not so well about the feature. Also brought up is a longer running Niantic Game, Ingress, where we take a look at the Missions feature in the game and how it's similar and different to the routes in Pokemon Go, and why Niantic may have chosen not to just copy over existing missions from their other game.

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