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The Bobby Blackwolf Show is a weekly internet radio show and podcast discussing the latest news in video games as told by the gamers themselves. It records LIVE on Sundays at 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific on the VOG (Voice of Geeks) Network while taking live calls via Skype or a toll free number and including chat room interaction. The show began in October of 2004 as an internet radio only show, taking a hiatus in December of that year. It relaunched on July 24, 2005 and has been broadcasting new content every weekend ever since.

While the show focuses on recent news and events in the gaming industry, frequently it delves into the independent or barely mentioned gaming scene, as well as discussing gaming's history with classic games.

Bobby has covered six E3's, two GDC's and Independent Games Festivals, four Penny Arcade Expos and five Dragon*Cons, as well as other gaming events in the southeast, like SIEGE.

Some guests of the show during its long run have been: Video Games Live, Homestar Runner, Atari Flashback 2, Beggar Prince, MechCorps, The Silver Lining, PlayStation Home, Gearbox Software, Devolver Digital, Telltale Games, and the IGDA. Bobby has also interviewed voice actors AJ LoCascio (Back To The Future), Jessie Seely (Double Dragon Neon), Ellen McClain (GLaDOS), John Patrick Lowrie (Team Fortress 2 Sniper), and Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect FemShep), as well as musicians Tommy Tallarico (Everything), Ken Allen (Sierra On-Line), Jake "Virt" Kaufman (Shovel Knight and DuckTales Remastered), and GRAMMY award winner Christopher Tin.

The show does not work without YOUR live interaction, and each chatter is thanked personally at the conclusion of each episode. Come join us on Sundays at 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific at the VOG (Voice of Geeks) Network!

The Southern Fried Gaming Expo is June 8-10 in Atlanta, and I've been asked to moderate the most explosive panel at the event, and they aren't limiting me to questions about hot sauce. Microsoft has announced the Xbox Adaptive Controller, a fully customizable controller designed for the disabled. Sony has announced that physical cartridges for the Vita will cease production. Then we take calls about the Vintage Computer Festival East, and my home theater.

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Thanks for coming back after the two week hiatus! While I was on my honeymoon, I got to play Mario Kart Arcade DX, which has a very interesting Namco character as a playable racer. When I got back, I played the viral sensation Beat Saber on the HTC Vive,'s really good. I wound up streaming it on Twitch later that night. Nintendo announced Nintendo Online for a very low price, and also included a subscription service to play NES games online instead of paying for them individually. This is what we asked for in 2006, but now suddenly people would rather pay $5 for Balloon Fight again... FarSight Studios has lost the license to sell Bally and Williams pinball tables in The Pinball Arcade. This means that 61 of the 99 tables available on the platform are going away on June 30th, and they will NOT be on sale before that date. Then we take calls about Pinball Arcade and the SNES Classic.

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I exhibited at the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 6.0 this weekend, and got to see the upcoming Computer Museum of America while there. Nintendo CEO Howard Lincoln once told Congress that Night Trap would never appear on a Nintendo console... The FTC has warned several companies - including console manufacturers - that you can't void the warranty just because a consumer uses their own devices on it. Then we talk a little bit more about my home theater and how Mr. Awesome might have been right all along.

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I will be at the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 6.0 in Roswell, GA on April 21-22nd, showing off some 90's era DOS stuff! ADMISSION IS FREE!!!! Come say hi! The Ready Player One movie has now been out for a while, so let's talk about how I feel it's actually better than the book. The ESA has joined the battle against Net Neutrality - and I'll tell you why that could be important. It's not about throttling bandwidth. Then we take calls about Rocket League tournaments and video game soundtracks.

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I will be at the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 6.0 in Roswell, GA on April 21-22, showing off my 90's era DOS machine with high end sound equipment like a Roland MT-32 and Gravis Ultrasound! At GDC, Blockchain was apparently the big thing, but it really did nothing to improve games, just allows gamers to make money while playing. Also at GDC, Epic showed off new rendering technology in Unreal Engine that allows for real-time motion capture. Microsoft updated its Terms of Service to crack down on offensive language, but your Skype account won't be shut down if you curse. (Most likely.) Since this episode was recorded, Georgia's Governor did, in fact, sign into law a cybersecurity bill that criminalizes cybersecurity - even by white hat hackers. Then we take calls about the closure of the Wii Shop Channel, the closure of Toys'r'Us, and in happier news, my wedding.

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I will be at the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 6.0 in Roswell, GA, on April 21st and 22nd, showing the same games I stream on Twitch. I played Moss, and I think it's the best exclusive game for PSVR, and a very well made VR game in general. Toys'R'Us is going out of business, but not for the reason you think. The International Olympic Committee has stated that they'd be open to esports being in the Olympics - as long as the games aren't violent. Then we take calls about Kirby Star Allies, Toys'R'Us, and the streamer Ninja playing Fortnite with Drake.

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We have a LIVE interview with Andrew Greenberg of Holistic Design about his Space RTS Noble Armada: Lost Worlds, currently on Kickstarter! We discuss the game as well as the growing game development scene in Georgia. After the interview, I talk a little bit about The Day The Oculus Rifts Stood Still, and what actually caused every Rift in the world to stop working for a day. Then we talk to OLR about the Nintendo Direct, but who really cares because It's Not Melee.

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The Final Fantasy XV Windows Demo was out, and it messed with my sound settings...And Windows 10 also finally got me with a forced update. Sony will be removing PS3 and Vita titles form the PlayStation Plus free games lineup in 2019. Oculus has been showing the Epic Games "Bullet Train" demo at trade shows for over three years - after this past weekend, maybe they should have a replacement. Live event runner ReedPOP (PAX) has acquired Gamer Network, a media network with sites like Eurogamer and Rock Paper Shotgun. Then we take calls about why the Vita was great, and how much we won't miss the older games on PlayStation Plus.

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I'm now a Twitch Affiliate, so that means now I can take your bits and subscriptions! Super Multitasking was released on Steam, and it's definitely worth your $5. I'm not biased. Maltese publisher Insel Games allegedly persuaded their employees to leave positive reviews of their games on Steam, which caused Valve to kick them off the storefront. The System Shock Remake Kickstarter has used up all of its funds, and has decided to make a new game instead of remaking the original. Then we take calls about Games With Gold, and esports as an Olympic sport.

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My Wedding Shower was this weekend, and they played an interesting game regarding song lyrics...Can you guess some of what my friends couldn't? I'm on Twitch now because I can finally stream directly from my old DOS hardware, and actually hit Twitch Affiliate status since the recording of this show! NBC has released an amazing free VR app for the Winter Olympics - it's actually got some great ideas. Unfortunately, I don't think this type of content will stay free forever... Then we take calls about adding eSports to the Olympics and about the upcoming release of Super Multitasking.

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