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Captain Spike and First Mate Slagkick discuss the lead up to and launch of Nintendo Switch!

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This week, Captain Spike and First Mate Slagkick share what they have been playing lately and are looking forward to! They talk about their current gaming focuses as well as upcoming releases that they are excited for.

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This week, Captain Spike and First Mate Slagkick honor the late Masaya Nakamura as we discuss the history and legacy of the company he founded, Namco. The Podcast Pirates examine the history of Namco as a manufacturer of amusement machines before revolutionizing arcade gaming in the early 1980s, going on to build a roster of well loved franchise and quality games.

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With more information coming out about the Switch since the reveal event, the Podcast Pirates take a look at everything we know about Nintendo's new console thus far. More details about hardware, services, and games are examined as well as changing perceptions about the upcoming release.

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Fresh off the Nintendo Switch presentation event, Captain Spike and First Mate Slagkick welcome Rob Roberts from Orange Lounge Radio to discuss all the news revealed this evening! They discuss the console's release information, online capabilities, Joy-Con features, and of course, the games announced thus far.

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This week, Captain Spike and First Mate Slagkick look back at the year 2016 in gaming! They look at the biggest news stories of the year, their top games, and look back at last year's resolutions while making new ones for the new year!

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This week, Captain Spike and First Mate Slagkick celebrate 25 years of Sid Meier's Civilization by looking back at the history of the franchise! The Podcast Pirates examine how the games evolved over the years to become the ultimate name in 4x strategy gaming and its addictive "one more turn" gameplay.

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This week, Captain Spike and First Mate Slagkick talk about the long road to Final Fantasy XV! The Podcast Pirates briefly discuss the history behind the game's lengthy development before launching into an overview of the characters, story, and battle system as well as the game's place in the Final Fantasy franchise.

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This week, First Mate Slagkick and Captain Spike discuss the theme park simulation genre with a focus on the Roller Coaster Tycoon franchise, which started from one man's newfound love of roller coasters and grew into a cult hit, but later derailed as Atari struggled to find the right creative talent to develop further titles. The original games helped to spawn a subgenre of sim games that eventually gave rise to the new heirs to the RCT throne: Planet Coaster and Parkitect.

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This week, the Podcast Pirates look back at the life of the Wii U as it is rumored to be ending production. They look at the highs and lows of Nintendo's console as well as some of the best games, many of which can only be experienced on the Wii U.

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