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The Pokéstop Podcast is your stop for all things Pokémon Chat! Join podcasting veterans Rob Roberts and Shane for a regular chat on Pokémon topics like the handheld games, Pokémon Go, and spinoffs of the franchise!

Sun & Moon have officially launched!! You know our hosts have plenty to say about the new games! Find out what we are loving about these new games, and yes, even a few of the things we don't care for so much. Our friend Xtofer from our old show Horde House joins us as well, as he is playing the main Pokemon games for the very first time thanks to Sun & Moon. Find out the opinions of a first timer, a casual and a hardcore player on this weeks episode! Also: The latest news on Pokemon Go is discussed.

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With just days to go until the release of Pokemon Sun & Moon, some of the last things to reveal are being unveiled by the Pokemon company. We officially get the final starter evolution as well as their names, and we find that old friends have returned all grown up. And if you read some of the fandom, very very grown up. Pokemon Go continues to receive updates too, turns out there was a Halloween event after all! And daily bonuses make their way into the game!

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The highly anticipated demo to Pokemon Sun & Moon is out, and Shane and Rob have both given it a playthru, and share some thoughts on the demo! Also, could it be true that Pokemon Go is getting a halloween event? Our hosts sadly theorize probably not. However, plenty of information has come out on Sun & Moon thanks to data mining in the demo! (We give ample spoiler warning before getting into any data mined information)

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A new trailer for Pokemon Sun & Moon was released this week, and the evolutions to the starter Pokemon have caused some extremely divided and even controversial feedback. We tackle the latest trailer and give our opinions. Also, Pokemon Go has some updates planned for gyms, that could really change that part of the game. And, although convention season has slowed down some of our episode tapings, but it hasn't slowed down Shane from catching shinies! We check in with him on how his shiny hunt is progressing, and Rob hits a landmark in Pokemon Go! Tweets, e-mails and more fill out another episode of the Pokestop Podcast!

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We catch up with Shane's shiny Pokemon hunting from a couple weeks off from the show. Rob was off at DragonCon in Atlanta, and talks about some of the Pokemon hunting going on at the show- and where it was banned. Then we get into the news for the week which includes a major update to Pokemon Go which will allow your trainer to have a buddy Pokemon that will help you get candy. We also recap some of the recent announcements for Sun & Moon which includes new characters and new Pokemon!

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On a mini-episode this week before Rob heads off to DragonCon, we talk about our quick trip to the Pokemon World Championships, and paying the Pokemon Center a visit. Shane discusses his plans for the 2017 Pokemon World Championships, and we cover some of the latest updates with Pokemon Go, including a new version update and a reversal on some of the bans we saw last week.

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We record on Saturday just as we are about to go on a road trip to the Pokemon World Championship (tune in next week to see how it went). Our friend Tyler joins us to talk about the weeks news, including some corrections that Shane wants to issue to the previous episode. We do get to talk about some recent reveals too such as Crabrawler and Sandygast. Some folks who have been cheating were in for a big surprise in Pokemon Go, and we talk for a bit about the recent news in the Go community this week.

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Pokemon Go got another patch this week that changed the controversial radar, but players in one city are seeing what may be the true future of this feature. With Shane out this week at a convention, our friend Mike steps in to talk about all the latest with Pokemon Go AND the Pokemon Sun/Moon trailer this week. We gush over some of the new Alolan forms (omg Raichu!) and talk about some of the new Pokemon reveals as well as Team Skull.

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A controversial update to Pokemon Go removes "step" tracking, while Niantic shut down third party "radar" websites like Pokevision. How do we feel about these changes and about Niantic finally talking a little more about them thru their social media channels? Our special guest this week Matt, AKA Kalos King on YouTube, joins us to discuss all the recent changes with Pokemon Go. The Pokemon news surely doesn't stop there though as a HUGE new Sun & Moon trailer was dropped on us this week which included new pokemon, Alola Forms, Island Trials, Z Moves and MORE! We've got an awful lot of news to cover on this weeks Pokestop Podcast!

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An update to the official Sun and Moon website unveils details on 6 new Pokemon (including localization of two previously revealed Pokemon). A friend of Shane's, Danny, joins us on the show to talk about these six new Pokemon, as well as share some memories and stories of playing older Pokemon games like Pokemon Red/Blue. Pokemon Go fever is still everywhere, and some businesses have used the game to see huge successes. However, one local neighborhood to where we live is getting fed up with all the cars cruising thru looking for Dratinis. Can or should Niantic move these Pokemon elsewhere?

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