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Remembering Leonard Nimoy

Remembering Leonard Nimoy

Obviously the geek community is feeling a tremendous loss this week with the passing of Leonard Nimoy, a truly classy man who made contributions to our community not just thru Star Trek but thru books, photography, charity work, video game voice acting and MORE.

Sometimes, when grieving, we want to seek out others who were impacted by the loss. Many of us here at VOGNetwork are paying tribute to Mr. Nimoy this week, and I want to take this opportunity to highlight some special episodes and segments paying tribute to Mr. Nimoy, for those seeking out others who want to remember this great man.

Starboard Power Coupling
The crew at Starboard Power Coupling taped a special "Supplemental Log" which will air at the following special broadcast times on the network:
Sunday, March 1st - Immediately following OLR, approximately 9PM Pacific
Monday, March 2nd - 7:15 Pacific, 10:15 Eastern immediately following Podculture
It can also be listened to on demand here:

Episode 464 of Podculture is entitled "Live Long and Prosper" and pays special tribute to Leonard Nimoy
Premieres on VOG Monday, March 2nd - 6PM Pacific, 9PM Eastern
Repeats Tuesday, March 3rd - 10AM Pacific, 1PM Eastern
It can also be listened to on demand here: 

Under Sedation Live
USL remembered Leonard Nimoy on their episode broadcast live February 28th.
An on demand link will be edited into this article when it is available.

Critical Myth
The Critical Myth crew will spend the first part of their Monday episode #539 (March 2nd) remembering Leonard Nimoy in an episode entitled "Godspeed, Mr. Spock"
Premieres on VOG Monday, March 2nd - 4PM Pacific, 7PM Eastern
Repeats Saturday, March 7th - 9AM Pacific, Noon Eastern
You can listen on demand at this location:

Orange Lounge Radio
Orange Lounge Radio remembered Leonard Nimoy and specifically some of his contributions to the video game world during their "kickoff" topic on Episode 589 which aired Sunday March 1st - 6PM Pacific, 9PM Eastern
It can be listened to on demand at this location:

If you know of a non-network podcast who did a special tribute, please feel free to mention it as a reply to this article. You can also make your own written tribute if you wish. Live long and prosper, always!
Rob Roberts, AKA Skie, is one of the co-hosts of Orange Lounge Radio here on the VOG Network. You can follow him on Twitter at @MrRobRoberts

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Leonard Nimoy is truly one of a kind, Hes done many things, But nobody can do Spock better then him, He's irreplaceable.
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