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Orange Lounge Radio Episode 589 - 3/1/15

We take a moment at the beginning of the show to remember a legend in entertainment and a hero to many geeks everywhere- Leonard Nimoy. We talk briefly about some of his contributions to video games as well. In the news, Fable Legends is reported to be Free to Play. This was a game many expected to be a "standard" retail release at E3 last year- what may have changed?

Also in the news:

* Dragon Quest Heroes to PS4
* Final Fantasy Mystic Quest HD (It's not official)
* The return of Guitar Hero as well?
* Xbox Live Price Cut

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3/4/2015 1:15 PM

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The March PS Plus games were finally revealed the day of release. Not a bad selection, but I wonder what the holdup was. Maybe they were trying to get Rayman free on PS4 as well to counter the Xbox move. I was hoping for Octodad and, yes, even Knack, but I can't complain about Valient Hearts a month after Transistor. Great month for Xbox Games with Gold, even if the two 360 games were already free on Plus before, the Xbox One offerings are arguably better than those for PS4 this month.
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