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 Post Posted: Fri Jun 01, 2012 10:58 pm 
Orange Lounge Radio
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I typed this up and never posted it anywhere. So here's the rundown on the "lost" show that only the live listeners got and the podcasters never got

(p.s. it's thorough because i wrote it the night of the broadcast when it was fresh in my mind)


The Special Guest Host was Flaco_Jones, AKA Jim, the #1 fan of Rob's other podcast, Horde House. He did not dare challenge the chatroom at being the #1 fan of OLR.

A lenghty discussion/interview was had with Jim about his prior experience in the game industry. He was a QA Tester for several years at Konami. Although he hadn't worked on the DDR games that OLR used to report on, he knew the team that did very well. He had actually worked very closely with Shane (formerally Miklotov), a common guest on OLR who was on the DDR team. He met his wife thru Shane. Noteable projects were "some new Frogger game" where he recieved a "Bug of the Week" award for a reported bug that wasn't even fixed in the final version. Jim was also the lead QA tester on the Winx Club game, which led to many lolz and Winx-rolling of the listeners.

Brief talk about the E3 show that Jim worked in 2006, where he was showing off one of those Pro Evolution Soccer games. When it was pointed out that 2006 was the last BIG E3, it was joked that Jim broke E3 (Ironic due to the show itself ultimatley breaking later)

Gaming weeks:

Loki - Minecraft (Rob jumped in that he had played a lot of it too). Although both Loki and Rob had hazed this game on the show previously as not "getting" it, the xbox 360 version has made them both come full circle. Loki has spent "every waking moment" playing minecraft and expanding his cave. Rob said that the bread crumbs left by the tutorial were important, as it made him understand the point in a way that the Minecraft PC version did not. It was acknowledged that some critized Minecraft 360 for it's limited size maps and earlier version of the PC game, but Rob compared it to the games Civilization V and Civilization Revolution, saying that dumbing the game down didn't necessairly make it bad and in some ways more accessable. Both Loki and Rob have been playing on a seed world titled "VOG"

Jim - Mostly Silent Hill Downpour, although a little talk about mixing up classics with newer game. This led into a talk about Jim's "Silent Hill" parties where people will come over to watch silent hill playthrus together. Jim admitted to having never finished Silent Hill 3, which led to a tangent story about Shane and Jim's wife (who are friends) playing thru the game and being so scared they would cry and throw the controller.

Rob - Diablo 3. A little discussion on the single player "always online" element and the pros and cons.

Housekeeping - Rob out of town June 3rd. Show status that night TBD


Exclusive report on Dead Rising 3. Lead voice/mocap actor is Jorge Diaz who has had some small roles in television and movies, one of which was a gaming related film. Confirmed on actor's facebook, but hasn't leaked out to mainstream gaming press. This seems to confirm rumors already out on the internet about the next Dead Rising game, and an E3 announcement seems imminent.

Diablo 3 beat in 12 hours, Console Diablo Development more of an "experement" but not really - Rob felt that Diablo 3 being beaten in 12 hours really wasn't that big of a deal because the game isn't really that hard. It was more an achievement that someone stayed connected long enough to accomplish it. Brief discussion on the Hardcore & Inferno modes, and how your character is gone forever if they die.

Wii-U Tablet - Discussions on the leaked twitter pic of the Wii-U tablet. Confirms that Wii-U is still the name contrary to earlier rumors, to which Rob said "that would mean Nintendo would admit making a mistake which would never happen." Loki and Jim speculated on some of the features that weren't totally obvious from the picture, such as a sync button, and the possibility of an extra light ring noting power or sleep mode.

Gamestop to sell AT&T Mobile cards - Hosts didn't have a lot to say on this except a really crazy predicition that this could be where the next series of consoles is headed.

WiiU games to be 49.99? - Report on Amazon's set prices of 49.99. Loki was asked if it would change his mind on getting a Wii-U. He said it wouldn't. Rob thought that it could give a competitive edge in 2013 when Wii-U games could feasibly be made in tandem with Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 games.

Halo 4 to have weekly multiplayer - Although originally misunderstood as sounding like a total copy of Mass Effect 3 missions, it sounds like there will be regular weekly FREE DLC that will expand both single player and multiplayer. Rob and Jim both said this sounds great, as who can complain about free? This led to a tangent on if the hosts hate halo (they don't). Rob re-told the story about the Halo-themed wedding reception that made him love the first game in the series and sell him an xbox.

Release Dates - No noteable jokes

Origin & Crowd Funded Games - A few jokes at EA's expense at how EA knows and supports indie games so well as the recent steam sale proves.

Lionhead hybrid game for next xbox - Linkedin postings reveal next Lionhead game is likely a Fable game with 4 player co-op. Lionhead naturally denied the rumors in a press release, which the hosts joked should have ended with "P.S. It's not on rails"

Classic Game of the Week - Chrono Cross - Jim as the guest host for the week was allowed to pick. He chose Chrono Cross, because it was his favorite game of all time (Ed. Note: Since this episode is lost, Chrono Cross may be brought up again on a future episode)

Power to the studio was lost during the classic game segment at around 7:45 studio time as Jim was talking about the details of the game. Bobby Blackwolf took over the VOG feed after Rob made a phone call saying what had happened. He played music and kept the listeners updated on the tweets. Rob called in via skype live on VOG at 8pm studio time to officially call the show for the remainder of the night, as it would take too much time even if the power came immediately back on to salvage what had been recorded of part A.


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It is a poopy thing, but hey it happens! Only adds to the legend of the show!

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