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 Post subject: VG War (Working Title)
 Post Posted: Mon Jan 05, 2015 12:32 am 

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Hey guys. Been listening for a while now (since Eddie from BemaniStyle was on) but outside of the occasional email or Foogle response, I haven't interacted much. (Kinda obvious since my account is only an hour old, hu?) Anyway, I was listening to the podcast in my car and inspiration was flooding in while I was driving for a game. Unfortunately, my only programming experience was a little Flash back in high school and I'm afraid I don't have much time to learn at the moment so my game is a card game. Maybe at some point I could make a video game version of it but that's far off, if at all.

The game is a 1v1 card game that's best described as "War meets rock-paper-scissors." If anyone's played the game Yomi, I'll admit that I may have channeled a few ideas from that though it's been a while since I played it so I don't even remember how much I stole. :D Here's the 'story' blurb I wrote for the rules page:
You are a product manager at Ubiquitous Systems, or UbiSys, one of the largest video game companies in the world. You’ve been given a task to deliver a game by a certain time. However, so has another product manager at UbiSys and the company doesn’t have enough manpower to work on both games simultaneously. Rumor is that UbiSys will be firing the manager that puts out the lower reviewed game, so you must vie for the company’s limited manpower to produce the best game you can. Or if nothing else, sabotage the other manager’s game!

Basically, both players have a hand of cards and each plays one face down. Both cards are flipped up and there's a R-P-S system that determines which card wins. The winner adds their card to their pile (if helpful) or their opponent's pile (if detrimental). Once players have exhausted their hands/decks, the person with more points in their pile wins.

To mix things up, some cards have special abilities. A few are static but several are based on the card that next ends up in your pile. The thought process behind that is that if you and your opponent both know you'll be incentivized to play a specific type of card next, it adds another layer of depth.

Here's an initial version for download if anyone wants to try it in it's basic form:

In addition to not being a programmer, I'm not a graphic designer so the cards are very basic. :D It's currently 54 cards, the size of a deck plus jokers, because I was considering pasting them to a deck of cards if I need to. Although sticking them in Magic card sleeves might be what I'll do.

Going forward:
1. Considering more abilities on cards. Not sure how many should be vanilla (no ability) but at the moment I feel like some should, just so there's a baseline.
2. Trying to come up with new abilities.
2.1. One idea was the ability to reveal a card in hand before the turn and getting a bonus if the card is played but a detriment if the card is not. Still considering what the detriment and bonus should be and also how to template the wording so it'll fit on the limited space on the card.
2.2. Another is a "hard-lock" that would make one player unable to play one card type for a limited time but I'm afraid of how to do the rules in the situation where the player only has that card type in their hand.
3. Considering unbalancing the 3 card types. At the moment I've tried to make it so each of the 3 card types is balanced (all have the same numbers and similar abilities) but I'm wondering how the game might play if one type or another is slightly stronger or weaker.
3.1. I'd also like for it to be harder to end with a positive score (currently it is nearly impossible to not positive), since the theme is a "buggy game"
4. Better looking cards, though this is pretty low priority at the moment. I have the circle of what beats what on each card and I'd like to highlight on each card which type it beats and which it loses to while changing the irrelevant interaction to a light grey.

Anyway, sorry for the huge dump and for not making an actual video game.

 Post Posted: Wed Jan 07, 2015 10:52 pm 

Joined: Sun Jan 04, 2015 11:35 pm
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Few changes:
The 4 cards have a new ability that matters if you end the game with the card in your hand.
The 5 cards have a similar ability to what the 4's used to have.
The 9 cards have a new ability that grants a bonus if the card wins after being revealed from the player's hand.
Edited the rules slightly and added a page for clarifications on most card abilities. ... r_0.15.rar

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