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Welcome to Under Sedation LIVE(USL for short)with your hosts Travis Donovan and Jessica Harper. USL takes a weekly look back at the geek news of the world. And adds a unique take with offbeat humor and commentary. Tune in LIVE Saturday @ 11pm(EST) only at vognetwork.com

It’s time for a Stick of Truth, a review of it at least. The Fantastic Four reboot uproar is really nothing to rage about, folks. Is a major Marvel Universe character about to be killed off? And A BIG F*$%ING ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!

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Tonight starts off with anger and sadness. Youtube has gone too far with Content ID and Travis wants to know what else he has to do in order to make the Google Gods happy.(Warning: EXTREMELY EXPLICIT) The passing of Harold Ramis gets more depressing as the hosts are reminded of how many talented folks the world will soon lose. Minecraft Movie in the works? Get your towel ready remastered again Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy being released. And folks in California need to spend a week in Tornado County, just so they learn not to look like idiots when bad weather approaches.

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Back from a week off with a review of the “Robocop” remake, Titanfall beta first impressions, Jess Time Warp’s again, and how did Olympic Hockey provide the catalyst for a sad commentary on America.

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Jess has a birthday with a half naked bear. Winter Olympic, West Coast Rain and SNOWMAGEDDON fails left and right. Is Ben Affleck getting too involved with Superman vs. Batman? And why is it that Main Stream movie critics just do not understand geek genre movies?

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On this episode- Jess has the “GayFlu”. A drive has been started to bring something from “Back To the Future 2″ to real life. Amazon wants to bring “Barbarella” to the small screen. Another remake of a classic has Trav & Jess in an uproar. And something is delayed, no it’s not, yes it is, no it’s not, yes it is. You get the point.

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On this episode: We announce the Next Big VOG Monthly Raffle. Hollywood pushes back a major blockbuster to 2016 and that’s a good thing(seriously). What ever happened to Macaulay Culkin? I am DRINKING!!! And we talk Net Neutrality and the coming scenarios that will play out. None of this intro you will hear or see thanks to YouTube Content ID, so F-YOU to YouTube. Even though we created this content and give our consent to it on YouTube.

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The first show of 2014 starts with tech issues(of course). Travis and Jess discuss their favorite topic..Troll 2. Shia LaBeouf is either a publicity seeking stunt douche or just a douche. Disney Confirms part of the Disney Parks will be dedicated to Star Wars. And Travis begins to ramp up for…

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It’s the last show of 2013! We say “Good Bye” to Matt Smith. Jess says “Hello” to the last generation of gaming consoles.

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It’s all Travis this episode. First real hands on impression of the new XBox One and Forza 5. YouTube has lost their minds with content ID verification. Worst movies of all time seems to slant heavy to the geek side. Speech Jammer app. ruins a Christmas Classic. And Ranma from Anime Jam Session calls in during part 2.

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Travis unboxes his new precious(XboxOne). Jess takes a trip to the land of Shire. Monty Python is coming back, sorta of. And you won’t believe what Hollywood is remaking.

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