True Blood Review by Nadim S.

True Blood 7.07: May Be the Last Time

True Blood 7.07: May Be the Last Time

Written By:
Craig Chester
Directed By:
Simon Jayes

The writers of True Blood should give a crash course on how to stall a season's momentum dead in its tracks. After a string of strong, compelling episodes, "May be the Last Time" was a hot mess. With three episodes to go, you'd think True Blood would be bringing out the big guns. But no, this was a tedious set-up outing with a whole lot of treading water. 

First of all, there's absolutely no sense of urgency or sadness with regards to Bill's condition. Now that Sarah has been revealed as the cure, why would I even care about Bill's supposed final moments with Jessica being all dramatic? If the writers take a risk and actually kill off Bill while curing Eric, then I'd applaud the gusty move. But it's obvious that both vamps will be cured soon enough, and that robs the episode of its impact and emotion. Moreover, am I supposed to be touched by Bill and Sookie finally hooking up again? (The less said about those veins the better). I know I'm supposed to get all warm and weepy on the inside seeing the soulmates reunite, but after all the atrocious storytelling of the past few seasons, it's hard to root for Bill and Sookie as an endgame couple.

Infinitely more successful is the Yokonomo corporation's plan to synthesize Sarah's blood into New Blood, and make billions of profits with Eric as their partner. Sadly, this subplot received far too little screen-time, and moved along at a snail's pace because Eric, Pam and the Yakuza only uncovered the devious blonde's location in the episode's closing moments.

Much like Bill's deteriorating condition, Hoyt's return should have been emotional and poignant. However, it was rendered useless thanks to Jason making googly eyes at Hoyt's girlfriend. Really, writers? Is Mr. Stackhouse that much of a perv even after everything he's done to his former best friend? Had this little aspect not been so emphasized, his lying to Hoyt about his "good" mother would have been much more affecting.

And in this episode's extraordinary useless subplot, Violet took Adelyn and whatshisname to her sex dungeon and we were forced to endure an unacceptable amount of time watching the two lovebirds debate the benefits of kinky vs regular sex. Can the psycho vamp kill these two already so we can move on to better things?

Our Grade:
The Good:
  • Using Sarah's blood to make New Blood is a nice idea for capping off the series
The Bad:
  • Bill and Sookie getting back together is not that special
  • Hoyt's return brings with it a terrible turn for Jason's character
  • What was the point of the Adelyn subplot?

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