True Blood Review by Nadim S.

True Blood 7.02: I Found You

True Blood 7.02: I Found You

Written By:
Kate Barnow
Directed By:
Howard Deutch

There's no excuse for True Blood to be this dull in its final season. Instead of bringing out the big guns, it's trudging along at a painful pace with nary a positive in sight.

First off, what was the point of Jason and Eric's dream sequence? Are we just gratuitously pandering to the audience for no apparent reason? You could practically see Alexander Skarsgard and Ryan Kwanten cringing on the inside due to the scene's unnecessary (and forced) nature. On the bright side, Pam finally found Eric in the episode's closing moments, so I'm hoping the badass vamp can restore some sort of fun to the proceedings. Sadly, his condition at the end didn't leave me optimistic.

Also unacceptable is the fact that we still don't have a tangible Big Bad. I'm sorry, but the gang of nameless Hep-V vamps are beyond pointless. There's absolutely no sense of urgency when they're around, and coupled with the fact that True Blood rarely has the guts to kill off anyone important, makes the stakes frustratingly low.

If "I Found You" has any saving graces, it's Arlene. One of the show's biggest missteps is the fact that Carrie Preston was always given sub-par material. It's a shame because Preston has consistently proven how well she can rise above any frustrating subplots thrown at her. This episode at least allowed her to step up to the plate and assume a proactive role. I was admittedly amused by her trying to appeal to Miss Faris' guilt, culminating in that hilarious sequence where the latter turned to mush while feeding on Arlene's thigh.

Some additional thoughts:  I kind of enjoyed the flashback with Sookie getting ready to go to Fangtasia way back in the pilot.  Also, I guess it was wishful thinking to hope that we'd never see Tara again. The image of her on the cross with the boa constrictor was freaky (and not in a good way).

Our Grade:
The Good:
  • Arlene's interaction with Miss Faris
The Bad:
  • The lack of a true villain for the season grates
  • The opening sex scene was the definition of pointless pandering

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