The X-Files

`The truth is out there,' and FBI agents Scully and Mulder seek it in this sci-fi phenomenon about their quest to explain the seemingly unexplainable.

In the Season 11 finale, Mulder and Scully rush to find an on-the-run William, while the Cigarette Smoking Man pushes forward with his ultimate plan.

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In a world of ever-increasing automation and artificial intelligence, Mulder and Scully find themselves targets in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse.

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Skinner goes AWOL when his past comes back to haunt him. As Mulder and Scully try to track him down, their growing mistrust of him reaches its apex.

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When a pair of teenage girls attack one another, each believing the other to be a monster, Mulder and Scully find that their investigation could possibly lead back to their long-lost son, William.

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Exploring the idea of the Mandela Effect, in which large groups of people remember an alternate history, Mulder and Scully learn how the X-Files themselves may have originated.

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A spate of deaths, in which the victims were plagued by their own doppelgangers, lead Mulder and Scully to a pair of twins playing a dangerous game.

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An old friend reaches out to Mulder and Scully in a seemingly impossible way, revealing a chilling secret.

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The Season 11 premiere picks up after the last event series' cliffhanger with Mulder and Scully learning that they aren't the only ones desperately searching for their long-lost son, William.

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The season concludes with people all across the country falling gravely ill. A widespread panic develops and Scully looks within to find a cure. Meanwhile, Mulder confronts the man he believes to be behind it all, but another figure from Mulder and Scully's past may prove to be the key to their salvation.

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Scully and Mulder investigate when an art gallery displaying offensive artwork is bombed, and need to discover a way to communicate with the comatose perpetrator to try and prevent a future attack.

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