The Vampire Diaries Review by John Keegan

The Vampire Diaries 5.17: Rescue Me

The Vampire Diaries 5.17: Rescue Me

Written By:
Brett Matthews and Neil Reynolds
Directed By:
Leslie Libman

It’s hard for me to explain how tired I’ve become of the doppelganger concept on The Vampire Diaries.  Maybe it’s the fallout of losing Katherine, or just how convoluted it has become.  But the idea of another version of Stefan leaves me completely cold.


It doesn’t help that it’s also all connected to the Travelers, and whatever bizarre goal they might have.  And while I appreciate the larger role for Caroline, our own little “perky blonde angel of death”, I can’t really muster up much enthusiasm for Enzo.  He seems to be designed to have all of the amoral aspects of Damon without the emotional baggage.


At least the plan of the Travelers made a bit of sense.  Stefan’s final doppelganger was in the way of their spell, so they hold Stefan hostage and torture him until Caroline and Enzo agree to dispatch the plot annoyance.  Then they happily set themselves on fire en masse, flooding Bonnie (the anchor to the supernatural underworld), thus opening the door to the afterlife long enough for someone to come waltzing back in.


Now, on the one hand, I was hoping that this was somehow a way for them to bring back Katherine, because not only do I miss the sexy, but that would have been a hilarious troll on all the characters that spent so much time celebrating her death.  (Not to mention that it would have been the ultimate expression of how often that happens on The Vampire Diaries!)  But alas, it looks like someone else, and I doubt it will be a good thing for Team Elena.


The lack of a solid “A” plot meant that the relationship drama with Jeremy, Bonnie, and Liv fell flat on its face.  For one thing, I’ve long since lost any interest in Bonnie, thanks to several seasons of bad writing, so I already feel like a strong case has been made for Jeremy to move on with a much more interesting witch.

Our Grade:
The Good:
  • More time with Caroline
  • Lots of Travelers died in a fire
The Bad:
  • The Travelers’ plot isn’t interesting
  • Yet another love triangle

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