The Originals Review by John Keegan

The Originals 1.20: A Closer Walk With Thee

The Originals 1.20: A Closer Walk With Thee

Written By:
Carina Adly MacKenzie and Julie Plec
Directed By:
Sylvain White

After the horror-fueled events of the previous episode, this is the aftermath, as the consequences of various decisions continue to spiral towards a massive confrontation for control of New Orleans.  It’s still not entirely clear where the battle lines are being drawn, since motivations still seem to shift from moment to moment, but it’s a bit more clear that in the past.


Cami’s role in the story may finally be crystallizing, as her uncle’s death means a bit of a power struggle for control of the human faction.  I’m not convinced that Cami actually wants that level of responsibility, but she can’t exactly ignore the fact that her entire life has been affected by the supernatural factions in the city.  Having access to a weapon that could trump just about anything else would be a nice way to even out the odds, while also forcing a bit of change.


One very nice touch to the episode is that events on The Vampire Diaries, recently revealed, are now having a major effect on The Originals.  Supernatural Purgatory is breaking down, and that means that the walls between that world and the “real” world are thinning.  Klaus and Elijah are both having dreams about Mikael, and that is not a good development.


Monique makes a play against Hayley on behalf of the ancestral witches, who are also gaining power over the real world thanks to the thinning of the veil.  Unfortunately, that’s a bit out of order; killing Hayley’s baby is supposed to happen after it’s born, if it’s going to be effective.  Hayley actually dies for a time, and while on the Other Side (why didn’t she have to go through Bonnie over in Mystic Falls, by the way?), Mikael comes after her.  Well, this is when Hayley shows that she’s learned a thing or two, because she took care of Mikael pretty damn well.


Davina gets contacted by Mikael when all is said and done, so that is not a problem that is likely to go away anytime soon.  Meanwhile, though, there is the growing conflict between Klaus and Marcel, and all the bucolic flashbacks to better times can’t overcome the tragic rift between them now.  On paper, Klaus should be able to wipe the floor with Marcel, but emotions could lead Klaus to hold back.  Not to mention, of course, that weapon that Marcel’s friend Cami might bring to the table.


It’s also nice to see Hayley finally warm back up to Elijah.  It’s adorable when he tries to maintain that sense of decorum and his emotions overcome his self-restraint, but the puppy-dog-eyes bit was getting old.  I mean, I completely understand the ridiculous attraction to Phoebe Tonkin; a little variation would be nice, though!  Now, of course, the stakes are much higher, given that the outcome of the coming battle might very well decide who, with what resources, will remain to counter the witches’ plans.

Our Grade:
The Good:
  • Mikael makes for an awesome threat
  • Hayley has developed into quite the character!
  • Strong Klaus/Marcel scenes
The Bad:
  • Still too many factions to keep track of at once

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