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The Geek Card - Show 137 - Elon Musk Did What?! (Not Clickbait)

Hopefully, the audio is better with our set up this time around! Let us know :) Our Geeky weeks  Robbie WoW: First boss down in new raid on opening night! Mechagon is tough...   Razerbug WoW: Naja is an annoying grindfest but tanking practice. RAM finally ordered? Invisible Sun, levelling up and levelling blocks     Topical goodness this week  Alan Turing to feature on the new £50 note:    Elon Musk putting computers in brains  We are proudly part of the Voice of Geeks network (VOG) where you can find other amazing podcasts like Orange Lounge Radio, Starboard Power Coupling, Girls gone WoW! You can find out more at! Honourable geeky mentions/funny/WTF of the week: The link from last week: No your eyes aren’t deceiving you:  Contact details: Razerbug (Host): @rzbg  Robbie (Co-host & Editor): @robbie_glow   Show: Twitter: @TGCshow  GGW Discord for those of you who are interested in joining their EU Casual raid nights: VOG Network: Stitcher and iTunes!   Next Week - Show 138  

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