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The Geek Card - Show 135 - It's Time for a D.I.S.C.O - with Raven & Cd_Cat9!

This week we talk about Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery! Rzbg is joined by Raven (@Silkyraven) & CodeCat (@Cd_Cat9) for 90 minutes of Star Trekky goodness! WoW: WE CLEARED CURRENT RAID CONTENT, GO US!   Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Special!   Introduce yourself, who are you and what do you do on the interwebs? What’s your background with Star Trek before Discovery? Did you see season 1 of DISCO, what did you think? What did you make of the end of Season 1 / start of 2? Okay, season 2 go go go!   What didn’t we like?  Where do they go now? What do you want to see from Trek going forward? A TOS Pike show? About that Picard TV show... We are proudly part of the Voice of Geeks network (VOG) where you can find other amazing podcasts like Orange Lounge Radio, Starboard Power Coupling, Girls gone WoW! You can find out more at!   Contact details: Razerbug (Host): @rzbg  Robbie (Co-host & Editor): @robbie_glow Raven: @Silkyraven CodeCat: @cd_cat9 Show: Twitter: @TGCshow  GGW Discord for those of you who are interested in joining their EU Casual raid nights:   If you want to add either of us on Pokemon Go to send stuff; message either of us via twitter   VOG Network: Stitcher and iTunes!   Next Week - Show 136

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