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The Bobby Blackwolf Show is a weekly internet radio show and podcast discussing the latest news in gaming as well as sometimes reminiscing about gaming's history. It records LIVE on Sundays at 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific on the VOG (Voice of Geeks) Network Twitch Channel while taking live calls via Discord and including chat room interaction. The show began in October of 2004 as an internet radio only show, taking a hiatus in December of that year. It relaunched on July 24, 2005 and has been broadcasting new content every weekend ever since. On December 18, 2018, it moved from radio to video on Twitch.

While the show focuses on recent news and events in the gaming industry, frequently it delves into the independent or barely mentioned gaming scene, as well as discussing gaming's history with classic games.

The show has covered six E3's, two GDC's and Independent Games Festivals, four Penny Arcade Expos and multiple Dragon Cons, as well as other gaming events in the southeast, like SIEGE and the Southern Fried Gaming Expo.

Some guests of the show during its long run have been: Video Games Live, Homestar Runner, Atari Flashback 2, Beggar Prince, MechCorps, The Silver Lining, PlayStation Home, Gearbox Software, Devolver Digital, Telltale Games, and the IGDA. Bobby has also interviewed voice actors AJ LoCascio (Back To The Future), Jessie Seely (Double Dragon Neon), Ellen McClain (GLaDOS), John Patrick Lowrie (Team Fortress 2 Sniper), and Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect FemShep), as well as musicians Tommy Tallarico (Everything), Ken Allen (Sierra On-Line), Jake "Virt" Kaufman (Shovel Knight and DuckTales Remastered), and GRAMMY award winner Christopher Tin.

The show does not work without YOUR live interaction, and each chatter is thanked personally at the conclusion of each episode. Come join us on Sundays at 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific at the VOG (Voice of Geeks) Network Twitch Channel!

I got Hasbro's Animanatronic The Child (Baby Yoda) toy and it's cute and great for your cosplays, even if it doesn't exactly cooperate on command as much as they claim it does. The internal storage capacity of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S leave much to be desired, and the lack of options in terms of expanding them leave even LESS to be desired. Arcade1up announced a sit down driving cabinet featuring the OutRun franchise - sadly the live audience decided to talk all about Spy Hunter instead. Then we take a call about the NEOGEO MVSX arcade cabinet as well as wondering if this is the right time to release new consoles.

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No, it's not a paid sponsorship, but I start by giving much love to Atlanta's Gaming Bar and Restaurant Battle & Brew, which is a local business that could use your business if you live here. We have some discussions about topics from previous episodes - Pokemon cards, the Video Games book from 1982 (which is on!) and Oculus Quest 2's Facebook registration. Sony has stated that PlayStation VR will not run on native PS5 titles until 2022 at the earliest, saying that the market is not there in a market they dominated in sales. Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed to December, which is extending the crunch time - however the CEO said it wasn't so bad and then had to apologize. Then we take calls about Sean Connery games and talk to OLR a little bit about Genshin Impact.

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I start off with a very quick announcement about an event in January I will be participating with...AGAIN. I rescued all five of my old Commodore 64's! None of them work. I reread a 1982 book for adolescents about video games called Video Games by Daniel Cohen. It's amazing. I also read the brand new book from Sierra On-Line Founder and CEO Ken Williams detailing the rise and fall of my favorite game company as a kid. Twitch has mass deleted content due to DMCA complaints from the recording industry without any ability for streamers to file counterclaims. Then we talk to OLR about predictions on the future of gaming.

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Let Me Show You My Pokeymans - I found some Pokemon cards from E3 1998 while going through my things at my childhood home, and some are worth thousands of dollars??? I got Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit and I was surprised at how effective it actually is, and how much promise it shows Alternate Reality gaming for more than just having fun with your pets. The Oculus Quest 2 has a requirement that you must have a Facebook account in good standing, which means if Facebook decides you shouldn't have an account for whatever reasons, you now have a paperweight of a VR device.

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I went back to my childhood home this week and pulled out some interesting finds from my past. Intellivision had a stream on 10.10.2020 (their original launch date) to show games and the hardware, as well as release a PC version of Breakout, made by the bit.trip developers. There's a new book on Sierra On-Line written by Ken Williams - it just came and I hope to finish reading it soon. ScummVM has merged with ResidualVM, allowing for both 2D and 3D adventure games to be preserved and enjoyed by modern audiences. Amazon Games has cancelled their free-to-play shooter Crucible after a buggy launch and needing to reallocate resources. Chinese free-to-play open world RPG Genshin Impact, however, made $100 million in it's first two weeks, recouping its development costs. Then we take a call from a blind gamer to talk about the "accidentally accessible" games Hades and 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.

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We talk about some of the games that came out this week that we've been playing - Hades, Super Mario Bros. 35, and Star Wars: Squadrons in VR. Nvidia has released drivers to fix the crashing RTX 3080 cards - and it has nothing to do with capacitors. CD Projekt Red announced that Cyberpunk 2077 developers will be facing mandatory crunch time for the next six weeks after saying that they will no longer be doing crunch time. Then we talk to OLR about Minecraft Steve in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and who will get to sleep first - Sakurai or YoshiP from Square Enix.

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The Xbox Series X preorders went live this week - and they were just as bad as the PS5 and RTX 3080's were. But at least people bought Xbox One X's! The RTX 3080 DID make it into the hands of some humans who then reported crashing issues due to some aftermarket cards using cheap components. Amazon has entered the game streaming space with Luna, complete with their own Stadia-like controller. Microsoft bought ZeniMax Media for $7.5 Billion, which includes Bethesda, id Software, and more. Are they making a play in a console war or are they aiming somewhere higher? Then we talk to OLR about ZeniMax, Xbox Series X ordering, and how orange is looking kinda sus...

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We first read some viewer comments from previous episodes about Microsoft Flight Simulator and Apple's game streaming policy for iOS. We launched a new initiative at VOG - VOG Roundtables - where we bring on a panel of content creators to discuss a single news event in gaming. Twitch tested mid-roll ads to be played randomly during live streams, muting the audio and shutting people out of exciting moments. The test concluded after three days, and we have some suggestions on middle ground that could be done. The PlayStation 5 Reveal event was this week, and preorders went live immediately, and left many people not getting one. The next morning, Nvidia's new GeForce RTX 3080 video card went on sale, and sold out before you could buy it, thanks to bots buying all the stock and putting them up on eBay for thousands of dollars. Nvidia says they will make more available soon. Xbox Series X and S preorders will go live on Tuesday morning. The bots are ready to snag all of those as well. Then we talk to OLR about preorders and about the Nintendo 3DS family of handhelds finally ending their production run.

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Atari Historian Curt Vendel passed away unexpectedly last week - he was the first phone interview I ever did on my podcast way back on Episodes 12 and 13 in 2005 to talk about the Atari Flashback 2, which did not emulate an Atari 2600 but was an actual Atari 2600 on one chip. There is a GoFundMe for his family. Dragon Con Went Virtual and it was great! There are a lot of panels on the Digital Media Track YouTube channel that feature myself and Rob Roberts. I was on the British Invaders podcast about the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Infocom game. I was on the Almost Daily Discourse podcast talking about random topics. Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 will be virtual like SGDQ was, and volunteer applications open on September 24th. MAGFest cancelled its January convention without Force Majeure, and held a telethon on Twitch to raise $100k to pay all the penalties. Microsoft announced the Xbox Series X and S early due to a leak, and also announced that EA Play was coming to Game Pass. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game is coming back, and this time it will be on PC so preservation will be easier once the license expires again. Apple is now allowing game streaming services to operate on iOS - as long as each individual game has its own app on the App Store. NVIDIA announced its intentions to buy CPU maker ARM. Then we talk to OLR about conventions and what we're doing with Twitch Channel Points at VOG.

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Dragon Con Goes Virtual this coming weekend, and I am on three panels for the Digital Media Track! Check them out on the DCDigitalMedia Twitch channel. There was an addition to the stack of NES consoles on my desk - a Hallmark Keepsake Ornament of the original NES. There are also other Nintendo themed ornaments for 2020! The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment in Oakland, California has had to close down and move their collection into storage. They hope to return in two years. Apple has made good on their promise and turned off Epic Games' developer accounts on Friday, but a judge ruled they had to keep the account related to Unreal Engine active. I talk a little bit about Flight Simulator 2020 and what it was like to fly into an extremely calm hurricane. Then we talk to OLR about The MADE and the upcoming Dragon Con.

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