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The Bobby Blackwolf Show is a weekly internet radio show and podcast discussing the latest news in video games as told by the gamers themselves. It records LIVE on Sundays at 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific on the VOG (Voice of Geeks) Network while taking live calls via Skype or a toll free number and including chat room interaction. The show began in October of 2004 as an internet radio only show, taking a hiatus in December of that year. It relaunched on July 24, 2005 and has been broadcasting new content every weekend ever since.

While the show focuses on recent news and events in the gaming industry, frequently it delves into the independent or barely mentioned gaming scene, as well as discussing gaming's history with classic games.

Bobby has covered six E3's, two GDC's and Independent Games Festivals, four Penny Arcade Expos and five Dragon*Cons, as well as other gaming events in the southeast, like SIEGE.

Some guests of the show during its long run have been: Video Games Live, Homestar Runner, Atari Flashback 2, Beggar Prince, MechCorps, The Silver Lining, PlayStation Home, Gearbox Software, Devolver Digital, Telltale Games, and the IGDA. Bobby has also interviewed voice actors AJ LoCascio (Back To The Future), Jessie Seely (Double Dragon Neon), Ellen McClain (GLaDOS), John Patrick Lowrie (Team Fortress 2 Sniper), and Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect FemShep), as well as musicians Tommy Tallarico (Everything), Ken Allen (Sierra On-Line), Jake "Virt" Kaufman (Shovel Knight and DuckTales Remastered), and GRAMMY award winner Christopher Tin.

The show does not work without YOUR live interaction, and each chatter is thanked personally at the conclusion of each episode. Come join us on Sundays at 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific at the VOG (Voice of Geeks) Network!

The Southern Interactive Entertainment and Game Expo is this weekend in Atlanta - I'll be attending Thursday and Friday evenings. I got into Forza Horizon 4 with the Ultimate Edition people, so I give my impressions in THIS episode rather than after it comes out. Sony has allowed crossplay between PS4 and other consoles in Fortnite, and may evaluate allowing other games to join in the fun as well. Oculus announced the new Oculus Quest this week at Oculus Connect 5 - a new, untethered, six degrees of freedom VR headset that is somewhere in between GearVR and the high end Rift. Then we take calls about Dragon Quest XI, Fire Pro Wrestling, and Bowsette.

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I checked out Old School Musical on stream and really enjoyed the four button rhythm game that evokes gaming nostalgia. The Nintendo Switch Online service launched and it's basically what they said it was. At Tokyo Games Show, Sony announced the PlayStation Classic, to continue the trend of selling mini consoles of retro titles. Telltale Games has started a majority studio closure and laid off all but 25 of their employees - with no severance or warning. Then we talk to OLR about classic systems and other things at Tokyo Game Show.

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The Nintendo Switch Online Direct finally came out, and a lot of big game announcements were made, but it turns out that the actual online service isn't any more than what was already released. There's also a little talk of the Forza Horizon 4 demo sprinkled in, regarding the Xbox One X features (4k vs 60fps) and if you really need to spend 27GB of your bandwidth cap for it. Then we take calls about the Asmodee board games coming to Switch.

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It's Dreamcast Day! Where were you on 9/9/99? Dragon Con is now over, and it was really good for VOG Network's visibility around the various tracks. During Dragon Con, we announced a major change for the Voice of Geeks Network - we are leaving internet radio and moving our live programming to Twitch by the end of 2018. A portion of this episode is dedicated to discussing the reasoning behind the move. Bally and Williams pinball tables may be gone from The Pinball Arcade, but they are going to have a new home in Pinball FX3. Then we take calls about Pokemon Go, Doctor Who, Beat Saber, and Ready Player One.

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We begin by discussing the tragic events out of Jacksonville, Florida. Note that we record the podcast on Sunday nights, so details were still scarce at the time. Dragon Con is coming up - and I'm moderating SIX PANELS! Amazon has announced that Twitch Prime subscribers will be losing ad-free viewing, and that Amazon Prime subscribers will be losing their 20% new game discount. Then we talk to OLR about Pokemon Go and Dragon Con.

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The Monster Hunter demo on Switch sucks. There was a surprise announcement for Diablo 3 on Switch, but it really feels like it was cut out of a larger Nintendo Direct, perhaps about online?? PlayStation VR has hit 3 million units sold, which flies in the face of people on the internet saying that it flopped. Forza Horizon 2 is currently the August Xbox Live Game with Gold, but in a month it's going to be removed from the store entirely. Then we take calls about Sword Coast Legends, Dragon Con, and my return to Pokemon Go.

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The show starts about a non-gaming related topic that is difficult to discuss, but sometimes necessary regarding people's battle with depression. Dragon Con is in just a few weeks, and I'll be on SIX PANELS! Magic Leap is real, and for just $2300 they'll come to your house (in select cities) and set one up for you. ROM Archival site EmuParadise has taken down all of their ROMs due to the current legal landscape. Then we take calls about piracy.

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I'm going to be moderating SIX PANELS at Dragon Con! I'm still enjoying the No Man's Sky NEXT update, although we've found some interesting syncing issues when trying to play in the same system but not at the same time. Elon Musk announced that Atari games will soon be playable inside actual Tesla cars - I'll translate some of that for you as a Tesla Model S 70D owner since 2015. Turn 10 Studios is removing Prize Packs from Forza Motorsport 7 and the upcoming Forza Horizon 4, and not going into heavy microtransaction mode for either game. But don't worry, Sony has you covered, as the latest Gran Turismo Sport update adds microtransactions. Then we talk about Dragon Con and No Man's Sky.

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Who would have thought in 2016 that No Man's Sky would be one of the greatest comeback stories in gaming? There's a LOT of talk about early impressions of the NEXT update, and how it has captured my heart, at least in the beginning. Time will tell how long that lasts. Taiko no Tatsujin is coming stateside on both the PS4 and the Switch - but questions about control schemes are abound. Then we take calls about Octopath Traveler and No Man's Sky.

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Octopath Traveler is out, and so far (all of the chapter 1's) it's pretty great. The free NEXT update to No Man's Sky is coming out, and Hello Games' Sean Murray finally started talking to the media again. Then we take calls about No Man's Sky and people's reaction to gaming announcements.

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