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The Bobby Blackwolf Show is a weekly internet radio show and podcast discussing the latest news in gaming as well as sometimes reminiscing about gaming's history. It records LIVE on Sundays at 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific on the VOG (Voice of Geeks) Network Twitch Channel while taking live calls via Discord and including chat room interaction. The show began in October of 2004 as an internet radio only show, taking a hiatus in December of that year. It relaunched on July 24, 2005 and has been broadcasting new content every weekend ever since. On December 18, 2018, it moved from radio to video on Twitch.

While the show focuses on recent news and events in the gaming industry, frequently it delves into the independent or barely mentioned gaming scene, as well as discussing gaming's history with classic games.

The show has covered six E3's, two GDC's and Independent Games Festivals, four Penny Arcade Expos and multiple Dragon Cons, as well as other gaming events in the southeast, like SIEGE and the Southern Fried Gaming Expo.

Some guests of the show during its long run have been: Video Games Live, Homestar Runner, Atari Flashback 2, Beggar Prince, MechCorps, The Silver Lining, PlayStation Home, Gearbox Software, Devolver Digital, Telltale Games, and the IGDA. Bobby has also interviewed voice actors AJ LoCascio (Back To The Future), Jessie Seely (Double Dragon Neon), Ellen McClain (GLaDOS), John Patrick Lowrie (Team Fortress 2 Sniper), and Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect FemShep), as well as musicians Tommy Tallarico (Everything), Ken Allen (Sierra On-Line), Jake "Virt" Kaufman (Shovel Knight and DuckTales Remastered), and GRAMMY award winner Christopher Tin.

The show does not work without YOUR live interaction, and each chatter is thanked personally at the conclusion of each episode. Come join us on Sundays at 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific at the VOG (Voice of Geeks) Network Twitch Channel!

We begin by reading comments from viewers about microtransactions, Xbox Series X exclusives, and why Pokemon DLC is bad for some people. Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed from April to September, but that doesn't mean that CD Projekt Red has eliminated crunch time for it's developers. Horizon: Zero Dawn is rumored to be coming to PC even though it's a first party Sony title, but it doesn't mean the death of the PlayStation console. Sprinkled throughout the show is talk of Forza Horizon 4's Battle Royale mode, Sony pulling out of E3, and a shoutout to the old Gathering of Developers for being the first ones to set up shop across the street from E3.

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Awesome Games Done Quick has finished, reaching $3.13 million - and I got a donation read on the air! Microsoft announced that the Xbox Series X will have no exclusive first party games for the first year or so, which means they will all be playable on Xbox One and Windows 10. Arcade1up had a large showing at CES this week, featuring an online enabled NBA Jam as well as digital pinball tables in partnership with Zen Studios. Then we take calls about the Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC news, as well as getting myself a real pinball table.

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This episode was recorded on January 5th - sorry for the late posting. The January 12th show will be posted this Friday morning. Awesome Games Done Quick has just started, benefiting the Prevent Cancer Foundation. I know I said I'd be there, but... MAGFest just happened, which is really a great festival that falls on a very difficult weekend. We got some listener comments about how 2019 and the decade ended up, and then talked about games coming up that we know about releasing in 2020. The Xbox Series X and PS5 have their specs announced, but do they really matter in the long run? Then we talk to OLR about looking ahead to 2020.

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In this mostly unstructured episode, we look back on a decade of gaming headlines from this show. We also award our own Game of the Year as well as discuss some of the most influential games of the decade.

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Sony has announced a new Back Button Attachment to the PS4 Dualshock 4 - and it could be a preview of a standard PS5 feature. CD Projekt, publishers of The Witcher game series, and Andrzej Sapkowski, author and creator of The Witcher universe, have kissed and made up with a new licensing deal that benefits both parties. Google Stadia has just acquired indie developer Typhoon Studios and will integrate them into their Stadia game development teams for future first party development. Then we talk about wrapping presents both well and poorly, as well as talk about the upcoming holidays.

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The Game Awards took place, and I didn't hate it! Microsoft announced the Xbox Series X at The Game Awards, and announced some of its features. Sony's first party sports title MLB: The Show is going multiplatform in 2021, but it doesn't mean that God of War or Uncharted is. Then OLR and I talk more about The Game Awards and what was announced (or not announced) during the broadcast.

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We responded to episode comments about people accepting streaming games in the future and the upcoming (as of the broadcast) Game Awards - sorry this is up so late so comments on this episode won't be read on the next episode. Intellivision has shown actual hardware and software for the upcoming Amico system, including the LED-enabled disc controller with touchscreen, and shows it actually working. Tron: Evolution owners on PC are no longer able to validate their legally purchased copy, due to Disney no longer paying SecurROM for the DRM. (The game had already been delisted due to the lost of the Daft Punk music licensing.) Evolve PR has put out a study saying that media attendance has declined at E3 due to its shift to a more consumer based experience. Then we take calls about game subscription services and The Game Awards.

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We start off with some viewer comments about Google Stadia, Half-Life: Alyx and VR, and game streaming in general. The Steam Controller is dead. Long live the Steam Controller. Facebook has purchased Beat Games, the studio that brought you Beat Saber, and while it doesn't mean that Beat Saber will be Oculus exclusive, it might mean that modding will be clamped down and that their next game will be an Oculus exclusive. The Game Awards are coming up, and while it's trendy to hate on them and Geoff Keighley, I won't be doing that. Then we take calls about the Game Awards and whether Death Stranding should be a part of the awards considering that Geoff was in the game and Hideo Kojima is on the board of The Game Awards.

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We open with a tribute to one of the main creators of EverQuest, Brad McQuaid, who passed away at the age of 51. I got my Google Stadia Founders Edition, and the technology works and uses a lot of data, but the service isn't there yet. Like the old AT&T You Will ads predicted, game streaming WILL be how we play games in the future, but the company to bring it to us will NOT be Google. Valve announced Half-Life: Alyx, a new AAA VR game coming out in March of 2020. A lot of people are asking why Alyx doesn't have arms and why that breaks immersion, but I present the case that not having arms is better than having arms that aren't tracked (and are therefore not the same as the actual position of your arms.) Then we take a call about how both VR and game streaming can't be the future.

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I went to Dreamhack Atlanta on Saturday and basked in the glow of the bright stages of esports, even though it's not really a part of gaming I'm into...I still had a great time, though. On Sunday, I went to a retro exhibit at the Computer Museum of America in Roswell, GA, and got to try VR64 - a WORKING Virtual Reality headset for the Commodore 64! Google Stadia is launching this week without some advertised features...and without some founders not getting their hardware on time. Meanwhile, Microsoft announced that the Project xCloud Preview is working with 50 games. Then we take calls about Google Stadia and Rob Roberts' trip to New York City.

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