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804 - 04/24/22 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Sony Ad Delivery Service, Apple Removing Old Games

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For the past few weeks I've been thinking a lot about game preservation (as far back as when Nintendo announced they were closing up the Wii U/3DS eShops)

Seems like Nintendo has never been all that great at preserving their older games, (I guess outside of their first-party stiuff) unlike a lot of the 3rd parties.

Just look at Capcom, they've always been good at reviving their older games (sometimes too good, as a few of them have been repeated in recent collections)

Or Konami, much as we like to dog on them for their business decisions in recent years, at least they do an okay job keeping their retro stuff in the limelight, especially with stuff like the TMNT collection. (although I do wish they'd find a way to re-release the Rebirth trilogy Contra, Gradius, Castlevania on more modern hardware)

I'm curious to see what Sony's new PS+ tier is going to look like, though.

I guess overall I just worry about our gaming history not being preserved properly. (Especially with stories like what Apple was doing this week, although I do get it, to an extent.) definitely a huge fan of what folks like the VGHF are doing.
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