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777 - 10/03/21 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Twitch's New Music Deal, Xbox Shortages Until 2022

  • We start off with some viewer advice regarding utilizing the Authy Authenticator app instead of Google Authenticator for your Nintendo Online account.
  • We also have a followup regarding the peer-to-peer networking discussion from the previous episode, along with a list of AAA titles utilizing that method of online gaming.
  • I finally built the gaming PC I started buying parts for a year ago! And it all worked on first boot! But, building a PC has changed a lot since I last did it in 2012.
  • Twitch gets itself another music deal with Warner Music Group - but it's only a benefit to Twitch and WMG artists, not for game streamers who want to play WMG music in the background.
  • Phil Spencer says that Xbox shortages will continue until 2022 thanks to a perfect storm of bad events.
  • I continue talking about my pinball journey with the new code release for The Mandalorian, and how it showed me that a portion of my machine is not working.
  • Then we talk to OLR about New World and the massive queues that streamers are seeing.
This is going to be the last episode for an undetermined amount of time. I go into surgery on October 4th that will affect my ability to perform to my satisfaction. Best case scenario is that the show will be back on the air on October 17th - however that is all dependent on the recovery and rehab after the procedure. Keep checking the VOG Network Discord as well as my Twitter account @BobbyBlackwolf for updates. We'll see you when we see you.

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10/15/2021 9:45 PM

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Hope all is well.

--Suggested Topic: Nintendo Online Expansion Pack Shadow Drop

Nintendo announced their Nintendo Online Expansion Pack during the Animal Crossing Direct.

Felt suspicious going in since the direct was on a Friday (where bad news tend to drop)

Was expecting no more than additional $10 for expansion pass, but it ended up being a 250% increase at additional $30. Even the family plan is more than double.

Only additions are N64/Genesis games, and Animal Crossing DLC
Animal Crossing DLC can be bought separately

N64/Genesis games are very limited. Seeing the NES/SNES releases in original plan, if it's the same the frequency of releases (random, not monthly. No roadmap) is not worth it in my opinion.

Compared to it's competitors (PS+, XBL Gold, Game Pass): No recently release games (all games 20+ years old), no internet speed increase, no voice chat (must use phone app), no game invite, no universal achievement system across all games
10/18/2021 10:06 AM

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I've actually been using the Microsoft Authenticator for my Nintendo account.
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