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776 - 09/26/21 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Super Mario Bros Movie Cast, Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack

Golden N64 Controller

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I wanted to give everyone a heads up. Especially if you're using two-factor on your Nintendo Account and Google Authenticator.

I switched mobile devices recently, and I assumed (never assume) my Google Authenticator tokens in the app would come with me - big NOPE. The beauty with two-factor is you can get most of the companies to send you an SMS message, not Nintendo, no way. If you didn't back up those backup codes, you're not getting into your account.

I naturally contacted Nintendo customer service online, and within hours that day, they took two-factor off my account. So big props to Nintendo there. Of course, I had to prove who I was with some personal information and my Nintendo Switch Serial Number. I read on Reddit, if you actually call them, you have to tell them when you created your Nintendo ID/Account (they were using Nintendo IDs when I created mine). I can't 100% confirm if they do ask you this over the phone.

*A while ago on your podcast you mentioned Authy.

I kept it in the back of my mind just incase I ever needed it, and boy oh boy am I glad I remembered and switched over to this app. HUGE thanks to you, so let's get some prayer hands in chat for Bobby....if Twitch even has that emoji.

Back up those Nintendo Account codes, or stop using Google's sucky Authenticator app.

*Me nor Bobby Blackwolf are affiliated with Authy
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