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766 - 07/11/21 Bobby Blackwolf Show - #SGDQ2021 Recap, Nintendo Switch (OLED Model)

  • Summer Games Done Quick 2021 Online is in the books raising over $2.9 million for Doctor's Without Borders. I was backstage for the event and working as a host/donation reader, so I'll talk about what that was like and highlight both speedruns I was on the air for as well as others you should check out.
  • Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) and while it has a better screen in handheld mode, it wasn't the 4K Switch Pro that people wanted in their heads.
  • Then we talk to OLR about SGDQ and Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

Kingdom Hearts 2 LORE

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Suggested Topic: Steam Deck:

Don't see how this is different from the Steam Boxes back in the day (aside from it being a handheld).

I assume main target audience is console gamers again like with Steam boxes and have them convert over

Has better hardware than Nintendo Switch, but no exclusive games or features announced

Battery life 2-8 hours. AAA games max settings only 2 hours. I can see the PC master race rejecting it if must be docked most of the time, screen only 720p, and only 64gb internal storage base model (with external storage option). Might as well stick with PC.

Thumb sticks look like traditional controller sized thumbsticks. Doesn't seem pocketable (probably why they include case in all models) especially being 2lbs.

No 5G support. Only Wifi. Not really great for travel when playing online games. (Guess you can use wifi hotspot)

Overall I'm mixed, Valve have a bad history at selling hardware and sticking to it. I'm going to wait and see on this one

I like the pre-order system they have in place to detour scalpers: Must purchase at least 1 game off Steam prior to June 2021 for first 48 hour of reservation
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