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750 - 03/07/21 Bobby Blackwolf Show - The Sinking City DMCA'd Off Steam By Own Developer

  • It's Episode 750 and we didn't plan anything special, but there is some reminiscing about the past of this show and another show I did ten years ago where everyone laughed at me for thinking people would spend their Friday nights watching other people playing video games over the internet.
  • The Twitch audience completed a channel points goal to have a VHS tape stream where I go through some of my old 90's era VHS tapes (both promotional and home movies from E3's of the era) so that will happen on the VOGNetwork Twitch channel at some point this month.
  • I checked out the March PlayStation Plus game for PS5 Maquette, a first person puzzle game that seems like it should be clever but sometimes is just frustrating.
  • The Sinking City, a Lovecraft-based adventure game, has been DMCA'd off of Steam by its developer after its former publisher decompiled the game from another storefront, removed some splash screens, and uploaded a new version of it without the developer's consent.
  • Then we talk to OLR about movies being removed from the PlayStation Store.

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3/14/2021 12:05 AM

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maquette is a good game to play with significant other in term of puzzle solving. Story wise, can test your relationship, bring up some discussion.

Don't like how there's only one way to solve the puzzle (Maybe i was spoiled by Zelda BotW). At one point, got one of the gems to solve the puzzle stuck with no way out. Had to restart the whole chapter (instead of the puzzle) which was frustrating.

Story beats are okay. Wish there was spoken dialogue when wall texted were displayed.

Overall, had an okay time. Would not pay for it if it wasn't included in PS+ subscription
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