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749 - 02/28/21 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Why Are There So Many Remasters Right Now?

  • Apologies for the late upload on this one - there were technical problems on the night of which required more editing (basically cutting out repeated mentions of the frame drops for the live Twitch feed) and real life got a little crazy.
  • We talk about Persona 5 Strikers load times from a viewer email.
  • Cyberpunk 2077's 1.2 patch has been delayed due to repercussions over the alleged hack and code theft.
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade is coming out for PS5 in June, and will be a free upgrade for those who own the PS4 version. It will include a new episode featuring Yuffie that is exclusive to the PS5.
  • FF7 Remake is also now available on PlayStation Plus - however this version will not upgrade to the PS5.
  • Why are there so many remasters coming out right now? There's a very good reason (that some consider to be an excuse) but it shows that we'll be seeing more remasters over the next year as the product of remote workforces in the gaming industry.
  • Then we talk to OLR about the transition from working in an office and working from home, and while the technology is there, not all people can adapt as quickly.

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Bobby Blackwolf
Bobby Blackwolf
3/10/2021 9:50 PM

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Episode 750 should be up on the feed in a few days. Sorry for the backlog - but there's a real good discussion in here about why we're seeing remasters that is more evergreen than some of my other content.
3/11/2021 2:10 AM

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Fry's near me had an Egyptian Aztec theme.
Used to go there every year for Black Friday. Stood in 2+ hours lines in the cold just to get doorbuster discounts. Was a great family tradition until Cyber Monday, Digital Black Friday became a thing

Don't get why Square Enix is having us do extra steps to transfer save data to PS5 version of FF7 remake. For Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate save data is transferred automatically. You still need to upload all cloud data to PS5 from PS4 (which i did during initial install process), but don't need additional manual upload within the game. Also believe Sony first party Ghost of tsushima and GOW is the same

I can see the surge of remasters being filler for work adjustment due to the currently global situation in order to scramble to earn revenue. But some of the remasters are done by 2nd and 3rd party developers and not by the devs that originally created them. Original IP can still be worked on but may take longer to develop depending on how devs adjust.

We also tend to see a surge in remaster/remakes during video game generation transition which we are in right now. So it's like a perfect storm
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