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748 - 02/21/21 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Persona 5 Strikers Early Impressions, Blizzard Brings Back Its Best Game

  • We start off with a viewer comment regarding Google and its connected accounts that could control your entire digital life.
  • BlizzConline was this weekend, and there was a legendary musical act who performed but wasn't heard by most of the audience.
  • However, Blizzard DID announce that it was rereleasing the best game in its collection - Rock N Roll Racing is out with the Blizzard Arcade Collection alongside The Lost Vikings and Blackthorne.
  • The Intellivision Amico has been delayed again - it slipped from its initial launch date of 10-10-2020 to 4-3-2021, and now has slipped again to October 10, 2021 - exactly one year after its initially announced launch.
  • Persona 5 Strikers was released early for people who purchased the Digital Deluxe edition - and I had gotten about 10 hours into it over the weekend.
  • Then we talk to OLR about putting some respect into Diablo's name.

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Persona 5 strikers

If you plan to get p5 strikers (console gamers) best to buy ps4 version

Graphic and load times are way better on ps4/5

Load times tested
Ps5 2 sec
Ps4 6secs
Switch 24secs

Assume PC varies by build

Only reason to get Switch version is for portability or don't own other systems


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"Free" PS+ version in March. Not eligible for PS5 upgrade

PS4 (purchased version). Free PS5 upgrade

Yuffie Episode DLC. Only for PS5 upgrade version. Not free. No price announcement yet

If you plan to get ps5 upgrade, and/or DLC; best to purchase PS4 version and get free upgrade since most major retailers are selling for $30 now vs $70 for PS5 version (dlc included). Assuming dlc doesn't cost $40+


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