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741 - 01/03/21 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Adobe Flash Going Offline, Anticipated Games of 2021

  • We visit some comments regarding previous episodes, including some more reminiscing on the Commodore 64 and how we might have formerly on the wrong side of the law but now on the right one.
  • Adobe has finally killed off the Flash platform, taking the memes of the early 2000's offline forever, unless you use an emulator.
  • We ask the chat (and you) what games are you anticipating in 2021?
  • Then we talk to OLR about the death of Adobe Flash and how it affects our day jobs.

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1/12/2021 1:31 PM

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RIP Adobe Flash. Press F to pay respects.

Anticipated games 2021:
God of War Ragnarok, Elden Ring, Zelda Breath of Wild 2.
Hope Halo Infinite does well and doesn't turn into Anthem at launch
Looking forward to Nintendo's new console announcement (if any)
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