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733 - 11/08/20 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Xbox Series X/S and PS5 Storage Woes, Arcade1up Outrun Cabinet Announced

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11/15/2020 7:14 PM

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Dropped by live today (11/15). Was not able to participate in chat since I opened Twitch few minutes before, and had show in background while doing other tasks

Was able to get my PS5 launch day from Best Buy. My local store said they had 55 pre-orders for order pickup

My PS5 impressions:

Controller haptic feedback is similar to Switch HD rumble but more enhanced from stronger motor(?) and sound coming from speaker. Also adaptive triggers helps too.

Don't use the PS4 to PS5 transfer as it takes forever (24+ hours). Better to transfer save files (via cloud save) only, and download games manually as you play them.

PS4 trophies work the same on PS5. Trophy hint system not in every game. Present in Astro Playroom, but not Spiderman Miles Morales. A lot of new features on PS5 seems optional for devs, hope they don't drop off overtime like HD rumble for Switch.

How PS5 upgrade works: Insert disc. Download game from disc. Go to menu (3 dots) next to 'Play' button option on game menu screen. 'View Product'. From there you get option to select Free upgrade.

For digital, you can just go to PSN store. Instead of selecting download, scroll right and select PS5 Upgrade. If you download PS4 version my mistake, after download you can follow same procedure above with disc version. For disc version you must have disc in console to play.

From there you can toggle versions PS4 or PS5 if you want, but it defaults to PS5. Only reason i see to play PS4 version is if you play local co-op, and you only have one PS5 controller as PS4 controller is not forward compatible to PS5 games from my experience

Already platinum Spiderman Miles Morales. Great launch game. Load times are non existent (maybe 2 secs max). If you buy non Ultimate edition, you still can download' Spiderman Remastered' with launch or base Spiderman Miles Morales game. Option is a bit hidden. Start new save file, then press L1 to get "Ultimate Edition Upgrade" for $20
11/15/2020 10:03 PM

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PS5 uses same power cable as PS4 launch console
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