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727 - 09/27/20 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Microsoft Buys ZeniMax (Bethesda, id Software, and more)

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9/30/2020 2:30 AM

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On Amazon Luna:

My first impression: Luna is what Stadia should have been: Netflix of Games. Gamepass seem to be the more superior service right now with it's first party games library.

Good beta subscription starting price. Has a leg up on other game streaming services being on iOS with web browser integration. iOS seem to be a good platform for the casual gaming crowd, if Amazon able to capture that market they can generate a lot of subscribers

Ubisoft will be having their own channel, no doubt that Activision, EA, and other 3rd parties will follow suit. Amazon will most likely charge separately to access specific channels

In the long run, i predict that Amazon Luna will have better 3rd party support with dedicated channels having full library, while some games will go on GamesPass and be swapped out monthly unless MS give them their own paid channel also.
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