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719 - 07/26/20 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Xbox Games Showcase, The Return Of G4TV

  • The Xbox Games Showcase was this week, and there were actual gameplay reveals! But, does it signal that Xbox is bowing out of the "console wars" and going in a different direction?
  • (Note: during the Xbox Showcase conversation, there was discussion about Tetris Effect Connected and it's lack of VR. I didn't realize at the time of recording that it was also going to be an update for the existing versions of Tetris Effect, so I can still play it in PSVR even though it's going to be on Xbox Game Pass.)
  • At San Diego Comic-Com this weekend, the G4 Television Network announced that they will be returning in 2021 - we have some theories as to where.
  • Then we talk to OLR about G4 and Game Pass.

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I know there wasn't a lot of talk this week about the mini Partner Direct that Nintendo put out, but there was one game announced that I really took a liking to.

From the folks that brought us SMITE and Paladins, Hi-Rez studios, they announced during the partner stream, that their newest team-based 3rd person shooter Rogue Company officially launched the beta on Nintendo Switch!

I was able to get a hold of a key from a thread they posted on reddit so I've been playing this one a lot since then. (it is also available on PC via EGS and consoles I believe the starter pack will run you 15 bucks if you can't find a key though I've seen them tweet giveaways for other consoles.)

Similar to overwatch there are various characters to play as with different weapons and abilities and your objective each round is to either plant the bomb or defuse it depending what side you're playing on so it's all about teamwork to make sure the job gets done!

each round could be over in seconds if you're not careful though so don't rush in guns blazing you won't last. this is definitely more about strategy and stealth, and trying to get the jump on your opponents.

Overall I've been having fun with it and look forward to what new modes and maps Hi-Rez has in the works for this one!
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