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707 - 04/26/20 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Why Dragon Con And PAX Are Still On, TurboGrafx-16 Mini "Now Available"

  • The TurboGrafx-16 Mini is "now available" in the US, however you can't actually order one, and those who already did won't see theirs shipped until 2021...Unless you order from Japan.
  • Dragon Con and PAX both announced that their events on Labor Day weekend are proceeding as planned. I explain why that's their only option right now due to how event insurance and venue contracts are structured with respect to pandemics, as well as when and how they can safely cancel.
  • 160,000 Nintendo Network ID's have been leaked, causing Nintendo to shut off the old login service and force everyone to a Nintendo Account, which now has two-factor authentication.
  • Then we take calls about Final Fantasy VII Remake along with a spoiler-free tip on a part of the game that crashes and how it is very linear and corridor-heavy like Final Fantasy XIII.

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A friend of the family has the similar situation as Dragon Con and PAX, but at a much smaller scale.

Wanted to cancel their wedding venue since most won't be attending. Company increased the cancellation prices after the COVID situation. Their lawyer advised them to wait.

On FF7 Remake and linear story. Have to make a gameplay/story balance. How many times have you played a GTA game where the main quest has this rush of urgency of the kidnapped person is going to die by the end of the (in game) day; only to break the immersion of having done few in-game days of side quests to level up for the main mission.

I forgive sandbox games like GTA, Saint's Row, Skyrim, etc as exploration, playing around with in-game physics, and watching stuff crash/blow up tend to take prescience over the main story.

I think many bash on FF13 due to the expanded lore of fal'Ci, L'Cie, Sanctum, Pulse, Caccoon, and other terminology not easy to understand every time you reach a checkpoint thus gamers focus on the linearity more than other games in franchise. FF15 can feel too open with the driving from place to place. I think FF7 Remake strikes a good balance; only opening up the world a bit once a major story plot has concluded.
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