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701 - 03/15/20 Bobby Blackwolf Show - LEGO Super Mario, Horizon: Zero Dawn PC Port

  • Apologies for this episode being delayed getting on the podcast feed - it's been a rough week. The world is going through a lot right now - and unfortunately this podcast isn't a complete escape. We do discuss it and how it relates to gaming. We'll be discussing it again. Unfortunately it's impossible to just "ignore" it and give an hour of complete respite.
  • I was a panelist on the inaugural panel of the Georgia Livestreaming Network - a Georgia based group of streamers promoting each other and games made in Georgia.
  • I completed my Summer Games Done Quick hosting audition! I talk about the process without giving specifics. It's a really interesting process that is as nervewracking as it is fun.
  • LEGO has announced a Super Mario playset that is actually an interactive game, and not just building castles.
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn is coming to the PC four years after its console launch, and PlayStation fanboys believe this is the death of the brand.
  • Then we talk to OLR about Star Trek: The Cruise.

Georgia Livestreaming Network Panel

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Gamestop closed down in my area. Have no idea what's going to happen to my pre-order of Last of Us part 2 collector's edition. No e-mail notification, and don't want to call and have customer service give me a refund since it's sold out everywhere. May wait close to launch to talk to customer service

I personally have no issue with Amazon delivering launch day in my area, but heard other areas may not get there's till Mon-Tues if game launch release is on a Friday.

PS5 Deep Dive presentation was this week. A lot of tech talk, went over the heads of a lot of casual audience from the reception. Was meant for devs than broad audience seeing the presentation was supposed to be a GDC. I can see how a local representative may have issues presenting it; may give miss information, or "no comment at this time" response if there was a QnA. Although long had an enjoyable time learning the information although did not understand maybe 5-10% of it
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