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700 - 03/08/20 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Indie Dev Gives Reasoning For Leaving NVIDIA GeForce NOW

  • In a show that was blissfully recorded in a time before all mass gatherings were cancelled for several months, we talk a lot about the impact of COVID-19 on gaming and sporting events, not realizing that just about everything would be canceled mid-week. Keep that in mind when listening!
  • At the time of recording, E3 was still moving ahead with their June show. (Spoiler alert: this changed several days later!)
  • However, they were working without one of their main partners for the rebrand of the show.
  • The indie game The Long Dark was pulled from NVIDIA GeForce NOW, and the developer gave some insight as to why, which calls into question the role virtual machines play in gaming.
  • Then we talk about the Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo, and what our favorite PS2 game and first DVD played on the PS2 were.
  • Wash your hands.

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3/14/2020 12:58 PM

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On day light savings.

I only agree to it if it's accepted nation wide as it interferes with stream schedules

Imagine if bill passes, you live in Florida and Nintendo announces a Nintendo Direct for 6am PST.

You would have to add +4 hours for EST and subtract 1 hour depending on when it is in the year.

On Corona virus:

Cancellation due to Corona virus is very disappointing. Had most of my pre order tickets cancelled for movies and concerts. Guess I have more time for my gaming backlog...

TP shortage is not a problem for me, own a toliet seat that shoots water.

Gas prices are really low, great savings for my long commute
3/15/2020 11:04 AM

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Farmers may have issues with daylight savings. But if we don't have a universal fix; airlines, business that do non local meetings may have issues during half of the year

Toilet attachment = diblet
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