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698 - 02/23/20 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Amid COVID-19 Fears, Companies Abandon Gaming Expos

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2/29/2020 10:30 AM

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On Sony cancelling PAX:

Sony probably wanted the PS5 console reveal to be done by Sony's President instead of a local representive. He probably didn't feel comfortable about the corona virus. Major console reveal is made every few years and is more impactful when made by the president or CEO than a repesentive the public is not familar with.

They could focus just on games, but after the logo reveal at CES, major media outlets probably expect a console reveal at next major event/trade show.

Cancelling isn't cheap. Probably cost them 1000s of dollars: space at convention, cancel flights, hotels, promotional materials, etc

Devs who were scheduled to be in Sony's and Oculus booth probably got reenburist by respective companies for travel and hotel. Don't want any bad future relationships espeically at the start of a new console life cycle

Working in a hospital setting; there are more patients with viruses than what's reported in public media due to patient confidetiality especially among the upper class.

If anything, Sony is playing on the safe side. If an outbreak were to occur imagine the bad PR for the new console. News outlets may post fake news/click bait news articles with headlines like "Conora Virus infects PS5" or "PlayStation 5 revealed during Corona virus event"

Aside from fear of mongering from the corona viris; Sony probably didn't want to show up b/c they're not 100% sure they can release the 2nd week of November due to hardware production issues in China. Also MS haven't annoucned the price yet for Xbox Series X.

Like a delayed game annoucement, majority of gamers (except maybe those who bought tickets) will not remember this
cancellation in a few years time.

In other news GDC is delayed due to conrona virus
2/29/2020 12:33 PM

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huawei is pronounced: how whey
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