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688 - 12/08/19 - Bobby Blackwolf Show - Tron: Evolution DRM Broken, E3's Media Attendance

  • We responded to episode comments about people accepting streaming games in the future and the upcoming (as of the broadcast) Game Awards - sorry this is up so late so comments on this episode won't be read on the next episode.
  • Intellivision has shown actual hardware and software for the upcoming Amico system, including the LED-enabled disc controller with touchscreen, and shows it actually working.
  • Tron: Evolution owners on PC are no longer able to validate their legally purchased copy, due to Disney no longer paying SecurROM for the DRM. (The game had already been delisted due to the lost of the Daft Punk music licensing.)
  • Evolve PR has put out a study saying that media attendance has declined at E3 due to its shift to a more consumer based experience.
  • Then we take calls about game subscription services and The Game Awards.

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12/15/2019 4:25 PM

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Nice game announcements and premieres at the game awards

Surprised that Microsoft announced their next console at game awards.

Not liking the name. Seems to me like another Wii U situation. Going to confuse parents:


Xbox One X
Xbox Series X

Gamers may end up calling it Xbox S.E. X? If anything, sounds like a name you would give to a car than a home console

Design wise. Wish it was horizontal instead of vertical. Had my 360 and PS2 vertical position; got some disc scratches. Other than that, it looks like a PC tower/large dehumidifier fusion.
Fan seems to suck out heat from the top only, may have shelving issue due to virtual length? Meant for table top next to TV instead of between shelves?

Ps5 and Xbox Series X game teasers look good. No gameplay, so can't really judge graphics. Supposedly they're "running in engine" May just be a pre rendered cutscenes
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