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687 - 12/1/19 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Beat Games to Facebook, Not Hating The VGA's

  • We start off with some viewer comments about Google Stadia, Half-Life: Alyx and VR, and game streaming in general.
  • The Steam Controller is dead. Long live the Steam Controller.
  • Facebook has purchased Beat Games, the studio that brought you Beat Saber, and while it doesn't mean that Beat Saber will be Oculus exclusive, it might mean that modding will be clamped down and that their next game will be an Oculus exclusive.
  • The Game Awards are coming up, and while it's trendy to hate on them and Geoff Keighley, I won't be doing that.
  • Then we take calls about the Game Awards and whether Death Stranding should be a part of the awards considering that Geoff was in the game and Hideo Kojima is on the board of The Game Awards.

Noclip Interview with Geoff Keighley

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12/7/2019 9:00 PM

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On the Steam example. Think the PC master race accepted Steam because Gab promised when Steam goes out of business they'll release all games DRM free to download for a set period of time.

Don't see a promise like that or similar with Streaming services yet; unless in the future people have their own servers at home and able to transfer data from Google/other streaming company to their own private servers.

On the PSVR co-worker confusion. When he went to Fry's electronics he saw PSVR bundled with PS4 as well as it being sold separately. He decided to get the separately for his PS4, but when asked the Fry's rep for clarification; he confused him when he brought up PSVR version 1 and 2, PS4 (original) vs PS4 Pro. Cost vs optimal setup, etc.
12/7/2019 9:20 PM

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I personally don't watch the game awards for the rewards.

I'm in it for the exclusive trailers and game announcements.

Having played most major releases and games nominated; I personally can make my own decision on what I like/dislike. Don't believe a game "winning" an award at the show will sway my decision/perception on a game

12/15/2019 9:21 AM

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Nice game announcements and premieres at the game awards

Surprised that Microsoft announced thier next console at game awards.

Not liking the name. Seems to me like another Wii U situation. Going to confuse parents:


Xbox One X
Xbox Series X

Gamers may end up calling it Xbox S.E. X? If anything, sounds like a name you would give to a car than a home console

Design wise. Wish it was horizontal instead of vertical. Had my 360 and PS2 vertical position; got some disc scratches. Other than that, it looks like a PC tower/large dehumidifier fusion.
Fan seems to suck out heat from the top only, may have shelving issue due to virtual length? Meant for table top next to TV instead of between shelves?

Ps5 and Xbox Series X game teasers look good. No gameplay, so can't really judge graphics. Supposedly they're "running in engine" May just be a pre rendered cutscenes?
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