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682 - 10/27/19 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Arcade1up Star Wars Impressions, The Outer Worlds Impressions

  • We start off with a viewer comment on Google Stadia and how the controller won't be connecting wirelessly to anything but a Google Chromecast at launch.
  • I got my Video Games Live Kickstarter awards, including a red vinyl with the Pokemon theme. (So hipster!)
  • I picked up my first Arcade1up cabinet - Star Wars - and after four hours of putting it together, I finally got to be terrible at Star Wars! (Video of this segment is available on the VOG Network YouTube channel.)
  • The Outer Worlds has come out, and it's available on Xbox Game Pass, so I decided to try it out.
  • Then we take calls about Sigma Theory, Oculus Venues, and Rob's work trip to a learning conference that had a lot of VR and AR talk.

Arcade1up Star Wars Video Segment

Download the MP3! - 31MB, 1 hour 6 minutes 22 seconds

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11/2/2019 5:55 AM

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On adapters. I understand some products do not come with adapters (you get one if you're lucky). But Stadia, i think is a different story as they do advertise the product/service being able to play on ANY device/screen and swap between them seamlessly.

If they don't uphold that, i predict a lot of bad social media/press responses to it, giving them bad PR right out of the gate. If they include adapters, it'd help mitigated that a bit. With that they can say something like: Sorry, Stadia cannot work wirelessly on ALL devices/screens, but we did include adapters you can use until then

Game announcements for Blizzcon was okay. Nothing ground breaking. Still a bit confused on Overwatch 2 on if it's a separate game and if everything is able to transfer over from Overwatch 1 for free. They said Overwatch 1 players can play with Overwatch 2? Messaging was all over the place for me, maybe they don't have the concept/plan set in stone yet?

Opening ceremony for Blizzcon was disappointing regarding Blitzchung situation. Flat apology, said they'll do better in the future. Did not do anything about current situation. Still bowing down to China i suppose.
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