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678 - 09/29/19 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Mario Kart Tour Lootboxes, Tilt Five Augmented Reality

  • Mario Kart Tour is now out on mobile - and it is definitely a lootbox and microtransaction game, complete with very low odds.
  • The Untitled Goose Game is great - I played it on Twitch and had a honkin good time.
  • A new Kickstarter has launched that has real promise in the Augmented Reality space - Tilt Five - and it's aimed at board games.
  • At Oculus Connect 6, we didn't hear much about the Rift line, except to say that the Oculus Quest will soon be able to play all Rift games. Is this the end of Oculus's investment in the Rift line?
  • Then we take calls about the Sony State of Play and why Sony would cover Call of Duty so much.


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Claw machine is not necessary all skill based.

Owners of machine can setup "payout rates" where on some attempts; the claw will not grip at full strength for the whole duration causing the prize to drop randomly from the claw, or don't have enough grip to lift the weight of the prize initially
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