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677 - 09/22/19 Bobby Blackwolf Show - SEGA Genesis Mini, E3 2020's Proposed Changes

  • If you recently got a Nintendo Switch Lite to augment your existing Nintendo Switch, there's something you'll need to do to allow your Lite to play your digital games while not connected to the internet.
  • The SEGA Genesis Mini is out - and it's a really well made trip down memory lane!
  • A leaked presentation has shown that the ESA intends to change E3 2020 from an industry trade show to an influencer-infused festival.
  • Then we take calls about The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening and it's framerate issues.

SEGA Genesis Mini First Playthrough Stream

Download the MP3! - 26MB, 56 minutes 13 seconds

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9/26/2019 8:47 PM

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Played and finished link's awakening on switch.

Totally worth the double or triple dip

Game does have few seconds frame rate drops when you transition from dungeon/houses to over world, but only in docked mode. Nothing game breaking but breaks the immersion a bit. After a while you get used to it

Portable mode; frame rate is smooth throughout entire adventure
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