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676 - 09/15/19 Bobby Blackwolf Show - Ring Fit Adventure, UK House of Commons Looting Lootboxes

  • At Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix showed that Final Fantasy VII Remake will have a "Classic Mode" that makes the game totally turn based once again, giving an option to those who don't necessarily want the new action elements to the combat.
  • Death Stranding was also shown, and it is a showcase of what Hideo Kojima will do when there's nobody to tell him "no."
  • Nintendo's new experience is Ring Fit Adventure, a game where Wii Fit meets Final Fantasy - a fitness game with a story.
  • The Discord Nitro subscription service is removing their game rental service because nobody actually used it.
  • A UK House of Commons committee has recommended banning video game lootboxes because they are gambling - and not everyone in our chat room agrees.
  • Then we take calls about if the industry needs to regulate lootboxes before the government does.

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9/24/2019 3:32 PM

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Before lootboxes, I thought in-game cosmetics isn't a big deal since it doesn't influence gameplay and it's just a skin for your character. That changed over the years when discussing the issue with my cousin.

In-game cosmetics (with no stats attributes attach to it) have real world value especially for kids. My nephew has this problem with FOMO (fear of missing out) and have behavioral problems when not getting things his friends are getting. Especially when putting money down for a game of chance; making a $60 or free-to-play game $100+

Raffle tickets not equate to gambling for most people because they are not associated with real world currency. Like how chuck e cheese tickets, amusement parks,ticket splitter games, etc has this workaround. 1000 tickets = $5 stuffed animal, but it cost $0.25 cents to play for a chance at getting tickets and you can't purchase the stuffed animal outright. Guess that's why game companies are getting away with it now

ESRB is not going to rate gambling as M for mature because 2K, Activision, EA is probably slipping money under the table. Have you seen the latest NBA 2K trailer, whole whole thing was about lootboxes, slot machines and pochinko, and it's rated E for everyone. Sad to say this, but if ESRB can't get their head straight, i want to the government to get involved.

Side note: have you watched the Sony's 'State of Play' event stream. Delivery not as good as Nintendo Direct (probably because Nintendo has done so many), but the content was good. Hope they continue this in the future and Microsoft to follow suit.
9/25/2019 2:37 PM

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News on big 3 regulating lootboxes a few weeks back. Not sure about it anymore with recent Mario Kart Tour release. Most unlockables have <1% chance of obtaining
9/25/2019 2:40 PM

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Dry Bowser, metal Mario, peachette, musician Mario have a 0.3% chance at obtaining.
9/25/2019 10:28 PM

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Been playing Mario Kart Tour for few hours now. It's a gotcha game at it's worst:

-limits exp, money earned per day so you can't grind

-have daily items you can purchase. if you don't purchase within that day it disappears till next cycle (?)

-limits time/cool down of when you can enter a race

-purchasable in-game currency (rubies) in tiers. Pay more to get more rubies so you don't know the real world value of in-game currency

-multiple in-game currencies: coins and rubies. Can spend coins on rubies. Rubies are basically lootbox cash. coins also used to purchase individual daily items as mentioned before

-300 coin limit per day you can earn in-game w/o spending money. can't afford a lootbox or daily unlock? have to dish out real world money

-rubies also used for coin rush multiplier (doesn't effect 300 coin limit)

-score and points (stars you get) per race is based off more of your inventory and it's stats than your skill

-time limits on challenges to win rupies. Gold challenges cannot be obtainable without paying real world currency AND buying subscription service

-combo bonuses on score is based of list provided. If you dont' have 3 items on the list in your inventory for example, you don't get +2 bonus

-Pull rates percentages are horrible. List from Go Nintendo:

-more rare characters have better stats/passive skills giving you more points

-$5 subscription service to play 200cc races

-subscription plan includes cart, accessories and character bonus. but you have to earn them in-game. If you don't obtain them within certain time (when "tour" is over) they're gone

Even if you subscribe there are still time and currency limits unless you pay real world money

WORST pay-to-win mechanics ever i've seen in a game. Way to tarnish Mario Kart series name Nintendo
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