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674 - 08/25/19 Bobby Blackwolf Show - MS Contractors Listening To You, Intellivision Amico @ Gamescom

  • Dragon Con is next weekend, so there will be no live show. See me on any of my seven panels, several of which streaming on the Digital Media Track's Twitch channel!
  • I tried No Man's Sky VR with both the Move controllers and the Valve Index Knuckles controllers (rather than a Dualshock) and the flight mechanics kill the experience for me.
  • At Gamescom, the new trailer for the Intellivision Amico was released, touting a family friendly system for non-hardcore gamers.
  • Are Microsoft contractors REALLY listening to all of your conversations? (No.)
  • Then we take calls about what PC VR system to get (and what games to get) and NBA 2K20's demo limitations.

Intellivision Amico Trailer

Download the MP3! - 24MB, 50 minutes 44 seconds

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